INTERVIEW: Averil Bach

-Hi Averil, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey! Thank you for the invitation! I am glad to be here.  I have been mostly well; trying to find the balance between both the pandemic and politics. With both heavy things, I am doing my best to focus on myself and those I love the most.

Can you talk to us more about your new single Radiation Blues?

Radiation Blues comes from a place of outrage, confusion and disbelief for those who don’t respect others. This is in big and small ways; personally and politically.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

A little bit of both. I had a couple events that I experienced which provided some initial substance. The overall frustration is fueled by the leader of our country and others like him who look down on and infect others with their dishonesty, convincing and cheap tricks. I often wonder what their mother would say if they knew how they were treating others… It’s the question that’s always left standing in my mind after it all boils down. We’ve got a leader that’s a cheater and no one seems to care…  I hope that is soon a false statement.

Any plans to release any sort of video for the track?

I made a very amateur video through iMovie with plenty of beautiful flaws. It was the presentation piece I put together for the project’s live-stream performance. We all had an option as to how we would record our performances; either pre-recorded at the Hook and Ladder venue or a home video. There were plenty things within my song that I knew would be captured differently had I performed it solo and I really wanted to create a visual for my piece. Again, very amateur but was a lot of fun. You can find it here:

How was the recording and writing process?

I felt very challenged at the beginning with pen and page. For several weeks, I just had no clue what I was going to write about. I almost backed out because I did not think I had anything worthy to say. I then realized how ridiculous and sad that sounded. And it was false. I had SO much to say. After a bit of self-love and non-judgmental freewriting, I came up with something I truly am proud of.

As far as recording, I really lucked out with F5Soundhouse in Minneapolis. Owen Sartori, Elsa Lee and Davide Raso were fabulous people to work with. I recorded a large chunk of things just before the pandemic hit; main guitar tracks, bass and drum with a scratch vocal. Once the pandemic hit and we were all on lock down, I recorded guitar solos and all back up vocal tracks in my home in St. Paul. My lead vocal and all mixing and engineering was completed masked up in studio.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – if so how’s that coming along?

Nothing new coming out at this moment. A couple years ago I did some recording at Bathtub Shrine Recording Studio which is run by Greg Schutte in Minneapolis. Shortly after recording, I was halted with a couple personal life matters and have yet to complete the project. Whether I continue on with that or start something new, I’m not quite sure yet. My friend Tony Cuchetti’s album, ‘Hid It on the Sly’, just came out a couple months ago. I lent my harmonies on a number of tracks so you can check that out! I will write and/or sing harmonies any day and find great pleasure in that aspect of songwriting.

How did you start working with #MeTooMpls project?

I was invited by Mischa Suemnig, the creator of the project, to jump on board. I was really tickled and am so glad he thought of me. I met Mischa back in 2012 through one of my college girlfriends. Mischa’s band at the time, Tom Sellick’s Mustache, had a cd release show and my girlfriend was curating a few modern dance pieces to be performed during the live show. I danced around wearing a mustache. It was pretty rad. 😊

Why did you join the #MeTooMpls project?

I joined because any opportunity one has / creates to speak up and express themselves over a topic like this feels mandatory. I was also really moved by Mischa’s interest to spark this entire project, being he is a male. I think that says something and it’s wonderful.

Can you tell us more about #MeTooMpls project?

It is a project created by Mischa Suemnig, a local songwriter in the Twin Cities. He created a supportive platform, a blank notebook, and all of us artists filled the pages. With a request for us to write something on the topic of the #metoo movement, we ran with that in whichever direction felt important to us. All proceeds for the compilation go towards Planned Parenthood. The album itself I hope is a strong reminder and bookmark for all of us who forget sometimes that we are not alone. There is an assortment of mood, style and messages throughout the album and not one song sounds the same.

How has this #MeTooMpls compilation and live streaming experience been for you?


Yeah it was interesting. I can only imagine the live performance would have been pretty kick ass however I will say I was really taken back by the variety of presentations that everyone contributed. Everyone’s way of sharing their work was yet another reflection of their mind and presence within the project and it was such a delight to see. Again, my video created was amateur but putting in the time to make that was so much fun. I find art and creation in all things so it was really fun to fiddle with yet another art project.

Besides attending your #MeTooMpls national release live stream on Nov. 6th – how else can people help?

Great question. I think we all learn best through discussion and movement. For those who want to help within this project, donations to Planned Parenthood are awesome. Other ideas would be to spearhead or join a community that needs more voices. There is never enough talk about topics that often find themselves stuck in molasses. Change is always needed and being the change is where it starts. Reach out to people you love and ask them how you can help with growth. It really is that simple. Talk with each other. Support each other. Be human.

What else is happening next in Averil Bach’ world?

I have been immersed in an apprenticeship with a piano technician for the last two years and have been tuning and learning how to rebuild pianos. In additional to music, I help run a well-oiled wedding floral design business. Both things have been very challenged by the pandemic but I am hoping that soon enough I’ll be able to perform on all cylinders. I also hope to hug my parents soon. I sure do miss that. 😊

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