Peacock’s “Brave New World” Has the Plug Pulled after Just One Season

All good things must come to an end it is sometimes said and never has that been more the case than with today’s announcement of mega-streamer Peacock’s cancelation of one of their first on-the radar/watercooler episodic shows, Brave New World.

 As announced this morning by those ever-lovin’ ringers of the television show death knell at the Hollywood Reporter, Brave New World creators Grant Morrison, Brian Taylor and David Wiener were handed their walking papers by the Peacock big wheels partially as a result of the worldwide pandemic, which forced the fledgling streamer to close up shop on their scripted original shows out of an abundance of caution. This forced re-step for Peacock proved to be Brave New World’s ultimate undoing and any momentum gained by its initial spate of episodes was quickly spent.

 Brave New World was based off of the popular Aldous Huxley novel of the same name and centered around a future world where peace has at long last become the norm thanks in no small part to the prohibition of monogamy, history, family, privacy and money. The show starred Demi Moore and Alden Ehrenreich and had only been picked up for series just last year in February of 2019. Grant Morrison (Animal Man, The Invisibles) and David Wiener (Homecoming) served as executive producers. The series, which dropped all nine of its episodes in July of this year, has had a rocky start, being hit hard by critics, although the fortunate few who tuned in to view this skewered utopian story walked away by and large as card-carrying fans.

 In a statement yesterday, reps for Peacock and UCP said that “there will not be season two of Brave New World on Peacock. David Wiener created a thought-provoking and cinematic adaptation. We’re grateful to the cast and crew who brought this world to life. We look forward to telling more stories with David in the future.”

 The future – ahem – for Brave New World may not be all gloom and doom, however: The show was originally thrown into development back in 2015 courtesy of former Syfy prez Dave Howe (Dave, we hardly knew ye!) and had been planned at first to have its home at the USA Network. This plan altered when it was decided that, instead, the show would be among the first crop of ongoing episodic series that would help launch new streaming service Peacock. Now that the plug has been pulled at Peacock, NBCUniversal’s studio arm – Universal Cable Productions – is shopping the series around with the end goal hopefully being the securing of an international window. The tenuous hope is that an international partner may bring about further seasons of Brave New World. So hang in there BNW fans (ah, acronyms!), the future has not yet been written.

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