JT Martin, A 23 Year Old Creative Director, Showing Other Content Creators That Imagination Is Their Biggest Asset

JT Martin, at an early age of 23, is leading the space in content creation, filmmaking, photography, design, branding, and digital marketing. Today, he works with some of the most influential businesses and personal brands. At 16 years old, JT was flunking his high school classes because he was focused on building his skillset and crafting his talent. Hence, he took something that used to be a simple hobby and transformed it into a profitable business. Now, more than a creative mind for brands and companies to hire, JT is someone that other photographers, videographers, and designers can look up to for motivation. It is his goal to inspire other artists to aim for their goals by showing them that a great lifestyle is possible while doing what they love. 

“I always hated the status quo. The idea that you had to go to college to become a “somebody” never rang well with me. I always wanted to push the boundaries and show people that it is possible to do what you love without having some crazy education or having to work in corporate America. Right after high school I packed up my car with a suitcase and my photography equipment and moved to Florida, 1700 miles away from my friends and family to start my business where I felt there was more opportunity. I had to make the jump,” JT shares. 

JT Martin is not only an artist, but also owns a creative agency, “Agency 906,” where he helps individuals at the top of their industry to develop their brand image and maximize publicity through creative content creation such as promo videos, photography and digital art, website designs, graphic designs, and strategic marketing campaigns.

JT’s path towards business started before he even knew it. At 13 years old, JT started a barber shop in his room, where he would cut hair for all of his neighborhood and school friends for $7. He then sold his equipment and became involved in music production, leading him to music videos and then photography. As he went through these different experiences, JT continued to develop his skills and fell in love with the hustle of the business world. As many starting entrepreneurs, he faced the uncertainty of failure and judgment from others that didn’t believe in him. However, JT places great importance on mindset and the power of one’s perspective.

As JT shares, “I think it all comes down to your perspective. If you think a photographer can only make the average $30,000-$40,000 a year, you will never make anything more than that. I always thought bigger. Opportunities are endless, but if you don’t have a good perspective, it makes you blind to the opportunities and you will never progress past your own mental boundaries. When I realized that what you think starts to become your reality, the challenges became a game instead of a reason to quit.” 

JT’s success hasn’t come without hiccups. Having made financial mistakes at a young age, JT ruined his credit, had his car repossessed, received an eviction notice, and had his bank account closed due to being over $1K negative in his account. However, despite his financial mistakes throughout his path, JT came back stronger than ever. Once he started making over 6 figures, he was able to pay off all his debt and save money, which allowed him to regain control of his life and time, and achieve financial stability. JT states, “As long as you’re on a path to get there and you are disciplined, that’s all that matters.” It is through his perseverance and passion for what he does that JT has been able to achieve success. 

“There’s no better feeling than imagining something in your mind that literally doesn’t exist yet, and then having the ability to create it and bring to life for the world to see. I wrote a quote about a week ago stating “The greatest thing about being a creative: you see it before anyone else does” and I think that’s the pure essence of why I was born into this industry. I didn’t really choose it, It’s just who I am. My advice for someone trying to start their own business is to first make sure whatever it is you plan on doing, that you would do it for free for a long time and still love it,” JT expresses. 

Currently, JT Martin is developing and implementing a new approach within his creative agency to help companies of all sizes drive massive revenue, virality, and brand presence through creative content creation and unmatched marketing strategies. Furthermore, he is teaching others how to turn their creative hobby into a profitable business and enjoyable lifestyle, without having to get a degree. JT is also planning to travel around the world to create incredible content for select qualified brands in some of the world’s most exotic destinations. As always, JT will continue to honor his unique style and help others through his work. 

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