How Patent Translation Varies from Country to Country

Patent translation service is about translating your patent documentation into a foreign language. Patent translation services are one of the most critical niche services today, as most inventors and businesses aim to file for an international patent to protect their intellectual property.

It is the professional attorneys and patent licensing officials who review your patent translations in a foreign county. Therefore, you must ensure to make them as precise and error-free as possible.

You must translate your patent in such a manner that even a layman with no prior knowledge can understand the invention.

There are several types of patent translation to make your patent application more effective and efficient in a foreign country. Most importantly, patent translations allow you to fulfill the country’s patent system’s local demands, which vary from country to country.

Before we dive into the specifics of requirements that may vary for each country, let us look at the three essential types of patent translations.

1.     Litigation Patent Translation

This one is important to present accurate and precise patent translation for legal undertaking and proceedings.

There are chances of international lawsuits against your invention with the increasingly international business culture. Therefore, you must hire professional help to draft flawless patent translations for litigation purposes in the desired foreign language.

2.     Prior Art Patent Translations

Prior art document is evidence that you are filing a patent for an already known invention. This indicates the fact that someone else has already described or addressed the technology similar to yours.

Therefore, as a patent applicant, it is essential for you to establish your invention’s credibility, uniqueness, and novelty in front of the patent examiner.

Translations of these documents are important when you are trying to protect your patent. Thus, you can understand the significance of why you must hire a good patent translation services with proficiency in the language of the country you are filing the patent with.

3.     Foreign Filings Patent Translation

When you apply for a patent in a foreign country, you must translate your patent into their national language. So, it is vital to hire a patent translation service with proficiency in the native language of the filing country.

Aspects of Patent Translation Varying By Country

Several aspects of a patent translation may vary by each country. Thus, you must pay due diligence when it comes to patent translation for the country you wish to file the patent with. Here are some of the most common aspects that may vary in requirement from one country to another.

·         Language

Most countries have one national language. However, suppose you apply in a country with multiple official languages such as Canada (English & French). In that case, you must find out if you need to get the patent translation in one language or both.

Some countries may allow any language of specifications upon filing, such as Italy, the UK, the United States, etc. However, the translation language for the procedure purpose will stay the native language of the filing country.

·         National and Regional Phases

When filing under PCT, you must determine whether you have to submit your translation to the regional office or the national office. This can change the language requirements for the translation.

·         Time Limit

There is a specific time-frame you must abide by when it comes to patent translation submission. Therefore, check the time limits for filing your patent translation with the filing country.

·         Certifications

There are two main certifications required for patent translation. However, the requirements differ from country to country. These include:

  • Certification for your patent translation
  • Certified translation of priority application

Hiring Professional Patent Translation Services

If you are seeking assistance for patent translation, Circle Translations are leading experts in patent translation services with a track record of helping numerous businesses and inventors.

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