Everything to know about buying cartridges

Cartridges are containers that are used for many purposes in different kinds of printer. The cartridges vary in size containing a different kind of substance. It may be used in Dot Matrix/Impact printer for kitchen tickets and receipts. Cartridges are of many types. Each type is used for a different purpose.

Cartridges used in Dot Matrix/Impact printer are particularly made cartridges. Star SP-700 Ribbon is known as one of the best ink cartridges.

Following is some guideline about buying ink cartridges:


Ink cartridges are available in a range of colors that includes Red/Black, Black & Purple. You can choose any color according to your requirements. These are the colors that are used in the Dot Matrix or Impact Printers.

Price range:

Ink cartridges range from high to low price. This range varies due to the quality of the ink cartridges. So never go with cheap cartridges. It may harm your printer. Always try to buy good quality ink cartridges. So, considering the price range is also important in buying cartridges.

Refillable cartridges:

Some cartridges are refillable. You can easily refill ink in them by yourself. Buying these cartridges will save you time and money. You don’t need to buy them again and again. It is a one-time investment. Refillable cartridges are a little costly, but they save your money from buying them again. So, always buy refillable ink cartridges to save your time.

Type of ink cartridges:

Ink cartridges are available in different types according to the printers. They are specified for printers. Always buy ink cartridges according to your printer. Otherwise, it will not fit in your printer and may harm it. So, always buy ink cartridges according to your printer.

Guaranteed ink cartridges:

Some ink cartridges are available with a money-back guarantee. If they don’t work on your printer, then you can easily exchange them within one or two days. So, immediately check them after buying, so if they show some issue, then you can easily exchange them.

Mistakes people do while buying ink cartridges:

Here are some common mistakes people make while buying ink cartridges. Avoiding these mistakes will also help you out in buying ink cartridges.

  • People do not tally the printer model and ink cartridges number. Tallying the number will help you in buying perfect cartridges for your printer.
  • While buying ink cartridges, people don’t read the manual of the cartridge. If you read the cartridge manually, it will help you in choosing the best one. In the manual, you can read its qualities and uses.
  • Some people buy dye colors even though they don’t need them at all. This is totally a loss of money. If you want to save money, then only buy dye or black according to your requirements.

Upper all tips will help you out a lot in buying the best ink cartridges for your printer. It will also save you time and money.


The cartridge is also made for our reliability. They are used for many purposes according to their type. Ink cartridges are the most famous cartridges nowadays. They are used in printers as a source of ink. They are available in different shapes and designs, according to the printers. Whenever you are buying, then tally their number with the model number of the printer that fits in it. They are also available in many colors and can be easily refillable.

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