Do Awnings Increase Home Value?

Are you considering installing a retractable awning but wondering, do awnings increase home value? There are many excellent reasons to consider adding an awning to your home’s exterior. It’sa great way to enhance both the look and functionality by transforming an outdoor space into an area that can be enjoyed year-round, while also reducing energy costs.

Adds Curb Appeal

Many homeowners seek ways to beautify their homes and add curb appeal. With awnings, you get both the benefit of a stylish look and a practical way to create even more livable space. There are a variety of styles and options made out of high-quality materials. Resilient and weather-resistant, an awning will maintain its appearance and durability for years to come. With many fabric options to choose from, you’ll find the size and style that best suits your home’s style for a complimentary design.

Enhances Comfort and Expands Living Space

Living in a warmer climate can make it difficult to enjoy your outdoor living space all year long. How do awnings increase home value almost instantly? By providing much-needed shade from the sun and its harmful UV rays, creating a shady oasis to enjoy. You can relax without the strength of the sun and its heat beating down. With a retractable awning, a patio or deck can be made instantly usable and much more comfortable.

Get more use out of your outdoor living area and enjoy it comfortably throughout the year. Whether you enjoy dining outdoors, hosting gatherings, or simply relaxing with the family and your pets, an awning makes it possible. By expanding the usable outdoor space, you’re adding value without the hassle and expense of major renovations. Professional installation of a retractable awning means you won’t need to do any DIY projects, hire a contractor, or worry about unexpected expenses.

Save on Energy Costs

Not only do awnings increase home value, but they also help lower your energy costs. Awnings provide shade from the sun, helping to keep the home cooler during the day. In the winter, retractable awnings can be retracted back, allowing the natural light and warmth of the sun to flow.

When it’s hot outside, air conditioning costs can send your energy bill soaring. Without awnings, some rooms in your home may see a significant amount of sunlight, which can cause the space to feel warmer. The air conditioner will have to work hard to keepthose rooms cool, which leads to higher monthly bills.According to the US Department of Energy, awnings installed over South-facing windows can reduce solar heat in the home by 65%, and for West-facing windows, it reduces solar heat by as much as 77% during the summer.

If you’re looking for a way to add value to your home, awnings are a smart option. An awningcan save you money on energy costs and can also increase the attractiveness and value of your property to potential buyers. You get the benefit of expanded living space and the ability to enjoy the outdoors, no matter the temperature or time of year.

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