Brazilian Babe Alexas Morgan Stuns Millions of Instagram Fans With Her Thick Curves

Alexas Morgan, or Alexandra to her friends, is a Brazilian bombshell that is an incredibly popular model on Instagram. She’s even been featured as a published model as well. When you go to her Instagram page, you will be met with hundreds of photos of her showing off her thick curves. If you’re not careful, she may knock you out of your seat through the screen with her giant booty!

Alexas has gotten over 4 million Instagram followers, currently getting a few hundred thousand followers a month. It’s not hard to see why. Not only does she have extraordinary curves, and an enormous chest and booty, but she has a hilarious personality.

She’s known for occasionally taking photo shoots and video shoots while dressed as a “Sexy Granny” nicknamed Mimi who gets into all sorts of antics in places like Walmart. The looks on peoples’ faces when they see her gigantic butt due to her hi-jinks are priceless. This is one Instagram model that doesn’t take herself too seriously, which is part of her appeal.


More Than Just a Model

Alexas doesn’t want to be boxed into just being one more Instagram model that shakes her booty for the camera. In fact, her profile description says that she’s more exciting than just pictures and videos, and we agree. Alexas is actually very witty, creative, funny, and fun. You will find it hard not to smile when you see her juxtaposing her sexy looks with goofy behavior in public places.

Sexy Granny, Sexy Anna from Disney’s Frozen, Saucy Mail Carrier; she’s dressed up as all of them in unique and comedic shoots that you simply have to see.

Her Sexy Granny look, nicknamed Mimi, has people rolling on the floor due to the hilarious antics she pulls in public places like the local Walmart, taking any chance she has to show off her massive booty.

She also dresses up as Anna from the hit movie Frozen, while wearing not much more than a wig and a G-string, as her friend Tiff adorns a Sexy Elsa costume, sitting next to a goofy-looking Olaf, everyone’s favorite magical snowman. Let It Go, indeed, when it comes to clothes, at least!

Receiving your packages gets a whole lot more exciting when Alexas is doing it in her tasteful yet saucy mail carrier costume. You’ll be wanting to get more packages just to see her show up at your doorstep!

These are just some of the costumes Alexas has fun with, all while showing off her voluptuous and thick figure that has captivated the attention in millions of fans all around the world. It’s not difficult to see how she has amassed such a large following so quickly. She’s not just another Instagram model, which has now become a highly saturated market. She has found a way to corner a market that is now hers to rule. Head over to her Instagram account and follow her to see the latest jaw-dropping photos and videos she shares.

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