Andy Keels Releases Gorgeous Visuals For Hit Track “Dead To Me”

NYC-based singer-songwriter Andy Keels has released some of the most beautiful visuals you’ll ever watch for his hit track “Dead To Me.” The British artist is displaying his full versatility and impressive skills on this pop, rock, and indie single, while he shares with his growing fan base his feelings regarding betrayal and loss in friendships. Although Keels never fully develops and exposes what actually happened in detail, it is clear these betrayals have affected him a lot, as he seems to be the kind of guy who gives all his trust and loyalty in friendships. 

Without having all the details, we can all relate to this song on some level, and his impressive vocal performance will trigger the heaviest emotionality in our beings, and hypnotize us from beginning to end. What adds to the state of trance one gets in when listening to “Dead To Me” is the music video paired with the track, an astonishingly beautiful visual effort that captures Andy singing his heart out in the most gorgeous landscapes and sceneries that exist on this earth. Despite the heaviness emanating from its lyrics, “Dead To Me” is the kind of song that brings us closer to beauty, and from which emanates a certain feeling of calmness and serenity. 

Andy Keels - Dead to Me

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