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Welcome, Born Animal! It’s great to have you here! First, congrats on the new single. We would love to dive right in, will you tell us more of how you landed on your band name? 

Thanks so much! We’re excited to be back with VENTS after our last interview for 15 Seconds. Born Animal came around after about a year of brain storming. We wanted something that was unique with a little edge. Honestly we should’ve thought it through a little more, because if you google the band name without ‘music’ in the search… let’s just say you wind up with some slightly unpleasant images of animal births. Eh, you live and you learn, ya know?

Is this single one you wrote as a band? How did you know this was the next single? 

Ryan: This song was actually written over a year ago. Stephen and I wrote the riff in our kitchen one afternoon and demoed it a few days later. I didn’t have any lyrics in mind, but after listening to the demo on repeat, all the words just fell out of me in just a few minutes. No edits were made from that first version and that’s what you hear on the recording. I can’t say that about any of our other songs. When the pandemic rolled around, we knew we had to spend some time on this song, even though it’s sonically different from our previous releases. The message was so appropriate for what we’ve been going through as individuals and as a country. Having the rap feature by MULU (Uniontown, PA) was really just the icing on the cake. If you had told me six months ago that one of our songs would have a rap feature, I probably would’ve laughed in your face.

When you write new music – do you write the lyrics first? What is your process like?  

Ryan: It really just depends on a case by case basis. With Last of Your Kind, the music came first and lyrics followed later. But many times it’s the opposite. Sometimes you find something fun or interesting to say, then you gotta spend some time figuring out how to say it and why you’re saying it in the first place. The lyrics really inform the music or vice versa, depending on what comes first.

If you could collaborate with any artist this year, who would it be?

Ryan: Matt Berninger from The National – they’re my favorite band of all time and his voice is so magical. Or Taylor Swift just to say I did.

Adam: Honestly working with Ben Rector, Cory Wong or Vulfpeck would be absolutely sick. They’re some of my favorites and just have such great and unique sounds. 

Stephen: Bombay Bicycle Club or Snarky puppy- HIT ME UP!!

Do you have plans for a full album release at some point? 

Ryan: Unfortunately not at this point. We just love releasing songs as they’re made instead of making our audience wait ages for it. It feels like we have more freedom that way and can do things at our own pace.

Stephen: As Ryan said, full albums take a while to put together and making the audience wait always feels bad! By the time we release even a 5-song EP, we’ve got another 10 in the barrel ready to go. Releasing singles allows us to hone in our sound and vibe more as we grow and release music, and it allows us to release on a more continual basis.

What inspires your music?

Ryan: Really anything and everything. As artists, I don’t think we necessarily have control of the ideas that pop into our head. We only get to choose what we pursue and what we leave behind. Sometimes it feels like I don’t have a story to tell, and to me all that means is I gotta get out in the world and find some more stories.

Stephen: Art is a reflection of life, so I agree with Ryan. Anything and everything can inspire you, and you never know what will inspire you or when. It’s equal parts frustrating and beautiful, but sometimes you can’t control the music, you just gotta hitch a ride.

Adam: What else can I say. I think the other guys captured what I wanted to say themselves. Sometimes you make a song and sometimes it makes you.

Where can people listen to your music and connect with you on social media?

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