Getting Your Summerhouse Ready For Winter

Getting Your Summerhouse Ready For Winter

If you want to have use of your summer house for many years to come, you should prepare it for winter. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can cleverly protect your garden structure from frost, snow and cold and use it even in the deepest winter.

Checking for damage

Before it starts to snow and the garden shed is exposed to frost, you need to inspect the arbor for damage. Check doors, windows and walls for possible cracks, because even the smallest areas can let in the cold winter air and tiny cracks can quickly become full-grown holes due to the frost. Take a closer look at the roofing board. Is it torn or defective? If so, please renew. To protect the exterior walls of the garden house from the harsh winter, a wooden glaze is suitable, which prevents the penetration of moisture.

Turn off the water

If your garden room has a water connection, it is especially important that you turn off the water in good time before the first frost sets in. To do this, turn off the water connection and then open all taps so that the remaining water can run out. This prevents the water pipes from freezing or bursting due to the frost. Bonus tip: Empty rain cans that may be next to the cottage, as the water can freeze and cause the rain to burst.

Good isolation

Most quality summerhouses are made of hardened wood. Because the firmer the wood, such as that of the spruce, the better it can withstand frost and snow. However, it is advisable to insulate the garden house anyway. This is especially true for larger log houses, which are often used as leisure or weekend houses and this also in winter.

In order to keep it nicely warm even in winter, windows, doors, walls and for complete thermal insulation also the floor must be sufficiently insulated. This works very well with wood wool, hemp fibres or mineral wool. The mineral or rock wool is therefore suitable for insulating the garden house, as it is fireproof and can be used particularly well with wood. Wood wool, hemp fibres and mineral wool are also suitable for sustainable and ecologically valuable insulation due to their natural nature. Styrofoam panels can also be used to insulate the walls.

Garden houses, which continue to be used only as a storage room in winter, do not necessarily need to be insulated. However, it is a good idea to set up a dehumidifier that absorbs liquid and thus protects against mold infestation. This is especially important when upholstered furniture is stored in the structure

Heating your garden house in winter

For those who want to spend a few nights in the wintry log cabin (which we highly recommend, because there is hardly a nicer feeling than to stay in the cosy log cabin in the middle of snow) or want to enjoy one or the other afternoon with a coffee gossip in the garden pavilion, heating is essential.

A relatively constant room temperature is provided by a simple electric heating system, which can also be used very well when sensitive plants hibernate in the garden foliage. A fireplace or log burner, on the other hand, is only suitable for larger log houses and also requires a chimney.

Airing is important

In order to avoid mold forming in the garden shed, it is important to ventilate the garden house sufficiently. Airing for 10 minutes is enough. In the meantime, also check if windows, walls and co. are dense.

Snow on the roof

When the snow falls, it also stays lying and especially likes to stay on the roof of the garden house.

The snow load can put a lot of strain on the roof of the garden shed and, in the worst case, lead to collapse. Therefore, it is advisable if you regularly grab the snow slider and free the roof from the white splendor. This also prevents too much moisture from penetrating through the roof.

If you follow and follow our tips for the garden house in winter, your garden structure is definitely winter-proof and can withstand frost, snow and cold without any problems.

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