From Coffee To Marketing To Much More, Brandon Ivan Peña Is Changing How People Enjoy Coffee

Coffee is the go to drink for many people around the world. Whether it is espresso or a cappuccino or just black coffee, it is the drink that helps start the day for lots of us. Brandon Ivan Peña is an entrepreneur who is offering a different kind of coffee experience for the many coffee drinkers around the world.

“I lead 787 Coffee, from farm to cup coffee experience.  At 787 Coffee we love creating memories so we focus on human interactions.  We own the coffee farm in Puerto Rico, in the farm we grow, process and roast our own coffee beans, making them the freshest cup. I manage a team in Maricao and San Juan Puerto Rico, with three coffee shops ready to be opened and a coffee farm in full production and expanding. 5 open coffee shops in New York city and two more under construction,” Brandon explains.

In addition to running a successful coffee business, Brandon is also the owner of BrandOn. This agency specializes in brand consulting, motivational conferences, and much more. He has accomplished so much at a young age and is only continuing to grow and do more with his company.

I also own BrandON – my personal brand does business consulting and motivational conferences. Some of my greatest accomplishments include being one of the first latinos to be invited to a Facebook Conference, growing one of the world’s best coffees, attending and speaking in some of the best conferences in the world: Digital Shanghai, Social Media Week, SXSW, C2MTL and many more,” Brandon comments.

For years, Brandon has been running another marketing business that was doing incredibly well. He decided to give up on this business in order to pursue his other passions and to lead other entrepreneurs by example. He followed his heart and his passions for other humans and coffee.

“For over 20 years I’ve been in marketing, managing accounts, creating content and business consulting, business has been great, I’ve met amazing business men and women, I’ve been motivated by amazing stories, businesses and strategies.  Making businesses grow is in my DNA. I take it very personal, I push entrepreneurs to innovate and to go to the next level.   I help business owners strategize and focus on the primary objective.  It seemed right to lead by example, therefore, I decided to push myself and invest in things that I truly love, humans, and coffee. I find human connections fascinating.  When it comes to consulting and my Motivational conferences it always seemed natural, I love the feeling I get of sharing the things I learn with others, I also love doing it in Spanish, targeting young entrepreneurs in Latin America that speak no or limited English.  I want to be there for them, I want to tell them to focus on their objectives and through hard word, discipline and by following YOUR passion, AMAZING things happen, regardless of skin color,” Brandon recounts.

2020 has been a hard year for many of us, but Brandon is trying to make the best out of difficult times. 2020 is no exception to that, and he has had an incredible year despite the hardships covid has presented. His next projects include taking both of his businesses to the next level.

“2020 has been an amazing year for me, I’ve connected more with myself, I’ve taken the time to write and to design the strategy brandON will take and where I want to take Hacienda Iluminada and 787 Coffee.

For brandON, I am getting ready to publish my first book and am totally excited about it.  I will be sharing so many things that I have learned from being in business to attending some of the best business and social media conferences of the world and from speaking to some of the most creative minds.

Hacienda Iluminada – Our coffee farm is a paradise, opening our cabins, a zoo and coffee tours where humans can come to reconnect with nature, with life with the inner you.

For 787 Coffee, we are continuing to grow in presence with more shops to change the world one coffee cup at a time,” Brandon states.

To find out more about Brandon, you can check him out on Instagram here. You can also check out his website brandON here.

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