Why you need to visit a vinyl store

  1. Vinyl stores give you a sense of history 

            When walking down the street of your favorite city, you typically come across a beautiful rustic store that catches your eye. When you see it you notice that it is a super nice vinyl store that has all different types of music that will give you the organic sense of music you have been looking for. When walking around a vinyl record store you are immediately strock with the sensation that you are walking around in a music history wormhole. Nothing beats walking around a vinyl record store and hand picking the music that you have loved since you can remember as a young kid. Vinyl will immediately take you back into history and show you that a vinyl record player that was played way back in the 80s sounds like and how it still sounds the exact same as it did back 40 years ago. Yes, the vinyl record player might have gotten a lot more older but when it comes to how it sounds and flows throughout the air vinyl is the instrument that defies history itself. 

  • There is nothing like the inside of a vinyl store

When walking in a vinyl record store it can seem to catch your eye very quickly in the sense that not every vinyl store looks like a walgreens. Vinyl stores have a unique vibe to them; they almost seem like you are walking immediately into the 70s when you approach the door to the vinyl store. You are immediately shown an array of colors and little colorful squares full of history and sound. You are also taken back by the hundreds of wooden bins that seem to go on forever and seem to have a colorful array of records stacked in a beautiful even stack that seems to go on forever. You see that the music is stacked accordingly and set in a way that is easy for you to sort through all of your favorite music. Some customers would spend hours on end trying to sort through all the music that sits in the bins. Sometimes they would come across a record that is beyond rare and would be reminded that is the reason they come and explore the vinyl store in the first place. The locals are who keep the vinyl stores afloat and show dedication day in and day out as well as an absurd appreciation for music that is beyond this world and our imagination.  

  • Finding little treasures in vinyl stores

            When approaching a vinyl record store obviously it should be easy to find the music you are looking for so you can go home and immediately listen to what you are wanting. If you even have the time to look around and find a little treasure you might want to grab a seat and have time to look through every vinyl and record so you can find that perfect record for you and your special one. Vinyl shopping is important to a lot of people and can be the reason a lot of people get out of bed in the morning on a saturday full of music. Vinyl shopping can also be a big part of someone’s life because it can be the reason that a lot of people understand their appreciation for music and how people used to have to go out of their way to buy music and take it back to their homes just to listen to the music that they enjoyed everyday. Vinyl music was some of the first uninterrupted music ever invented and is here to stay in record stores all around the country. 

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