Vaporizer for cannabis is on the rise: here’s why!

Cannabis consumption has steadily increased over the past decades. Unfortunately, this market is largely unregulated and depends on (illegal) on-street purchases. The result is a large market of buyers that do not know what they are actually buying. This is dangerous for them, as they do not know what kind of pesticides and other chemicals have been used. A better approach would be to either regulate the product or let consumers grow the cannabis themselves.

Growing cannabis seeds

There are many online stores that allow consumers to purchase cannabis seeds. These seeds can then be planted and used to grow. When you consider doing this, take into account the level of THC present in the plant. Sellers of seeds explicitly state these in their product description. If you are a fan of a strong high, you can go for a high THC percentage. However, if you want to limit this (e.g. for medical reasons) it is better to choose a suitable seed.

Beside the selection of the seeds, you need to consider the available space you have. When you want to grow the plants in your living room, you need to have plants that can live under those circumstances. If you have more space, you can consider dedicating a room to the growth of cannabis and purchase lighting that can support the growth of the plants. When you made your decision and planted your seeds, you can start with the enjoyment weeks after. For example, you can take the cannabis and use it in a vaporizer.

A healthier market for all

Besides growing cannabis yourself, there are more people choosing for a vaporizer over smoking. This is in-line with what we see in the production process. People want to stay healthy and want to prevent themselves from inhaling substances that are considered bad. By minimising this through the use of a vaporizer, consumers can have a better quality and healthier option.

Types of vaporizers

The market of vaporizers is probably bigger than you expect. Besides the products that look like e-cigarettes, there are also devices that can be used at home. These require to be plugged into a power socket and can be shared among friends. There are many accessoires that can be purchased for the intake of the cannabis.

There is also the more traditional e-cigarette version, which can support either dried cannabis or oil. These devices are easy to cary and can even fit into your pocket or a backpack.

Zamnesia is a leading provider

Zamnesia is a respectable producers of both seeds and vaporizers. They offer a broad assortment of seeds that suit the specific needs of any consumer. Their goal is to deliver quality products while informing their customers about the ins-and-outs of their products. Hereby they are not only selling but also educating their customers about cannabis.

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