The Best Recommended Video Editing Software in 2020

Finding a powerful video editing software that is affordable, has extensive features and is easy to use is quite a tough task. Wondershare, for that matter, has always been ahead with its truly amazing features to foster video editing creativity with different upgraded versions of video editing software Filmora.  

Wondershare recently introduced its major upgraded video editing software Filmora X (pronounced “Ten”, spelled v10.0), the next generation video editor that allows users to turn their imagination into video clips with fewer clicks. 

In this article we will be discussing in detail what are the new features included in this software, its editing interface, system requirements, and much more. So, let’s dive in to the main content of the article:

Editing Interface of Filmora X

The upgraded editing interface of Filmora X has added quite a value features that are just easy to master. It simplifies advanced features to save your time and effort. The enhanced intuitive interface is now combined with an impressive suite of drag-and-drop functions. 

The included creative tools have a wide range of editing tools and tons of new video effects, Green screen, Split screen, Speed Control, and Color Grading features to help you expand your creative possibilities. It has a built-in variety of video effects that includes titles, transitions, overlays, and motion graphics so you can easily up the quality of your videos.

The easy drag and drop workflow lets you just simply click on filters, transitions, or other assets and drag them to where you want them in your timeline. You also have a variety of preset motions to add to your images or videos. 

The latest version of the software has eliminated repetition and excessive tasks so that you can move on to your next creative breakthrough in one go. Overall, the latest smooth editing interface is now all set to give you a rewarding and stress-free experience. 

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New Features in Filmora X

This highly anticipated software among prosumers and new content creators is specifically designed with an aim to meet the advanced requirements of creators in video editing and animation. 

Filmora X includes a range of updated features that makes it the best choice among new content creators and prosumers who want to drag and drop their way to extraordinary videos. 

Have a look at the below listed new features included in Filmora X:

  1. Filmora X allows you to attach an element to a moving object in your video easily, using its auto Motion Tracking feature.
Select follower in motion tracking
  1. The latest Keyframing features if added, allows you to create custom animations to elevate visual engagement, change the position, rotation, scale, and opacity of a clip. 
add more keyframes
  1. With its Color Matching feature, you can now apply the color correction setting to match the color of selected clips to another frame from another clip, all at once.
  2. Its new Audio Ducking feature quickly fades your music for your dialogue to stand out. 
Audio Ducking lower other clips
  1. The latest Dark/Light Skin and new UI Switch allows you to easily switch between the light and dark mode, providing all day editing comfort in any environment.
  2. The Keyboard Shortcuts Customization helps you edit faster using the hotkey commands.
  3. Its Mac Touch-Bar Support lets you quickly preview and scrub through your timeline using the touch bar.
  4. The new effects included in Filmora X are now inclusive of 30 new elements and 9 callout titles.
  5. With its advanced title editing in windows, now you can easily change position, and perform the whole rotation and scale of a title on the player.
  1. Now, you have also Plain text that adds flexibility to your video editing needs.

The Compatibility of Filmora X for Windows

There are certain system requirements of Filmora X to run on Windows. Let’s check out what are they so that you can know if your windows computer is compatible with the software:

  • The supported OS are: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64 bit OS)
  • The software requires a CPU with Intel i5 or better multi core processor, 2GHz +. For HD and 4K Videos, Intel 6th Gen or newer CPU is recommended.
  • The storage requirement is 4GB RAM and 8GB if for HD and 4K videos
  • Necessary internet connection for software registration and to have access to online services
  • It requires at least 10GB free hard-disk space for installation. SSD is recommended for editing HD and 4K videos

The graphics it supports are: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later. It is strongly advised that you keep updated graphic drivers on your computer to get the best performance out of your computer.

The Pricing of Wondershare Filmora X

The software is available in trial version but there is a watermark in the new output files. Users if wish can purchase a license to activate the software. The paid version has three different plans: Individual, Business, and Educational. So, choose the plan that is suitable for you.

The pricing of the paid versions for individual plan is as follows:

  • Lifetime Plan: US$69.99 (Windows/Mac) This is Holiday Sale Offer 
  • Annual Plan: US$39.99 (Windows)
  • Annual Plan: US$44.99 (Mac)

How to update your Filmora software to Filmora X?

You can easily update your current Filmora software to Filmora X. Just go to the official website of Filmora and click on the Free Download button. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the video editing software Filmora X has incredible features that too at affordable cost. In the world of digital creativity, this software definitely makes it to the top list of being the right and first choice among creators, be it a beginner, intermediate or pro video editors. 

The software has made it easy for everyone to create and edit video in a few clicks, with layers of clips, cool animations, and fun effects. Wondershare has literally stood up to their theme of ‘creativity simplified’ with latest Filmora X. So, hit play on your imagination, turn it into a creative video, and enjoy the experience.

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About Andre Matthew

Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Andre Matthew, based in California. andrematthew209533{@}

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