Reasons Why Fiberglass Doors Are Preferred by Homeowners

Ensure your home is safe, stylish and weather sealed for many years by choosing fiberglass doors. The primary purpose of a front door is to offer protection and security. With a great entry door this function is balanced. A statement is usually made from a memorable entry, and this statement is made in a fiberglass. For a long time, the material used in making fiberglass door has been appealing due to its durability and strength, the style is now taking center stage in the recent years. Homeowners doing door- shopping nowadays enjoy design options which are ever growing, thanks to manufacturer’s giving a wide range and options of fibre glass doors in the markets.

Fiberglass contains unique characteristics which make it a better material for doors. Some of its top selling points include energy efficiency, durability and the sheer strength. Tested and proven by the Total Home Windows and Doors, fiberglass doors work well in any climate.

  1. Robust Durability

Homeowners invest time and money in choosing the best entry door and therefore their wish is not to deal with doors that warp, rust, or rot after using them for a few years. Fiberglass doors are able to withstand all these elements and more others like frigid temperatures, heavy rain, and harsh sun rays without bowing or getting cracks. The doors are also resistant to corrosion and insect infestation too.

To boost the durability of these doors, manufacturers use Polymicro foam core technology which creates a sealed unit by permanently bonding the skin and frame of the door together. This raises the structural integrity of the door and also prevents the door from getting damaged incase moisture penetrates the surface of the door.

Additionally, a fiberglass door is light in weight. This reduces the tensional stress exerted on the door hinges preventing it from binding or sticking while closing and opening. The combination of lightweight package and durability makes it the best option.

  1. Good Security.

The security of the door relies on quality door hardware. The design of the door is also of equal importance. Fiberglass entry doors Canada are usually more secure compared to their counterparts, wooden doors. The already strong material used in fiberglass is reinforced by the use of a steel plate around the frame of the door. This plate which is hidden in the door frame reduces the chances of forced entry using a door that is locked and closed.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Doors that are poorly insulated bring high energy loss in a home which translates to higher utility costs and less indoor comfort. The highly effective fiberglass doors can help you say goodbye to these problems. The doors are featured with insulated cores which are designed in a way that they reduce the thermal transfer between in and outdoors. Prehung fiberglass entry doors are sold as a single unit. The door bottom has a leak resistant sweep and threshold sill which is adjustable preventing moisture and drafts from getting into your home. In addition homeowners can use triple-pane or low E-glass which are able to provide optimal visibility while reducing unnecessary heat transfer.

Replacing a drafty door with an energy efficient door will help use less energy and keep home at admirable temperatures.

  1. A Stylish Bonanza

The entry of your home says a lot about you and fiberglass doors designs assist you in creating a door design. Select an authentic wood grain texture choice that gives the longest wear. You can stain the door yourself if you prefer that. To get a natural feeling and an airier one, ensure you incorporate the windows in the door or as sidelights. The glass options are many, varying from highly ornate to clear. Finally have a perfect finishing with wrought iron grille, speakeasy grille or knocker. Homeowners who chose fiberglass entry doors Canada rest assured of quality doors worth their money.

  1. High Resale Value of Your Home

If you are planning to put your home in the market in the near future, you would want to consider installing fiberglass doors. These ones will guarantee you higher ROI.

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