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Matt Doe Goes Super-Charged With New Bass EP

We’re fully behind the new three-piece EP from Canada’s Matt Doe, who has picked up a release on Underdog Records after landing bits on the likes of Subcarbon, Dim Mak and Subsidia previously.

Dropping as two original sounds plus a collaboration with Underdog boss Protohype on “Hold Me Close,” this is the kind of upfront and creatively assured dubstep that bass heads will undoubtedly soak up.

Matt Doe went on something of a journey making the EP, and he has revealed: “So, this whole thing started with the simple idea of touching areas and sub-genres I haven’t really been comfortable working with yet; from heavy dubstep to weird trap and old school dubstep. I also figured, as much as these times have been weird for all of us, I didn’t want to let it affect my creativity and get “stuck” in the process. I moved forward with the mindset of “I’ll see wherever this goes”.

Most of the tracks ended up sounding much different than I anticipated but this has been something that I enjoyed from a lot of my previous releases, but nothing so far has turned out like the songs on this EP, lol. I’m glad to have explored these kinds of vibes and I’m very excited to play them out.

Stream WHATCHU LOOKIN’ AT below.

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