Is Vitamin C Good for Your Skin?

Vitamin C is a common mineral, and you likely hear this term used most frequently during cold and flu season. This has to do with the immune support found in Vitamin C that promotes wellness in the form of healing. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps your body absorb iron and works to enhance your bones, tissues, and skin. While Vitamin C is a nutrient found in many foods such as oranges, peppers, and greens, it’s been making its way into the skincare scene as well! So, if Vitamin C is good to eat and helps me when I’m sick, what will the effects be if I use it directly on my skin instead? No worries, we are here to answer that question! 

How Does Vitamin C Improve Skin?

The antioxidant properties that are found in Vitamin C are powerful enough to counteract free radicals, which cause premature aging effects. In addition to neutralizing free radicals, the antioxidants also restore damaged skin cells. But wait, the benefits don’t stop there! The antioxidants work to combat UV harm and environmental contaminants that are hiding within your pores. Overall, the antioxidants act to maintain healthy skin cells.

What will a Vitamin C Clay Mask do for Me?

A Vitamin C clay mask will not only provide you with a fresh, radiant glow, but it will also use its highly acidic properties to speed up collagen and elastin production. While doing so, the acidity will begin to heal your skin, and once the mask has been seeped into your skin and washed out, you will be left with plump, healthy-looking, and feeling skin! Collagen is a protein that acts as a deterring element in terms of early skin aging and sagging. Another little-known fact about the best liposomal Vitamin C is that it helps treat discoloration. Do you have any dark spots? Maybe you have noticed some hyperpigmentation on your skin, which can be caused by sun exposure leading to sunspots, age spots, or melasma. Hyperpigmentation happens when there is an overrun of melanin in the skin. Vitamin C masks can help fade these areas of discoloration and may even prevent it from occurring. If you are looking to try Vitamin C to combat discoloration or dark spots, see the effects for yourself, and you may be pleased to find your skin left with an even-toned appearance. 

Take Away

Vitamin C aids our skin in many ways, from repairing damaged skin cells to promoting collagen production and improving discoloration. When you think about it, Vitamin C almost sounds like a super-hero protein that’s working to fight off the ‘bad’ guys, or in this case, the imperfections affecting our skin. Vitamin C to the rescue! This single protein is responsible for healing and helping our bodies in many various forms. If you trust adding Vitamin C to your diet when you are feeling under the weather, why not try it when your skin isn’t feeling so great? You may be surprised to see the results come to play in your life!

If the benefits of using a Vitamin C clay mask still don’t sway you, think of it this way; you want to treat yourself to “me time” anyway, right? So set some time aside in your schedule, kick back and relax, and see the nutrients and proteins of Vitamin C come to life – in your skin! You deserve to pamper yourself from time to time. After all, that is what beauty regimes are all about. Your skin is with you for your entire life; take good care of it.

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