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How to have an amazing snow day

I remember being a kid, this was every kids dream. I remember waking up for school, looking outside and seeing all that white snow. My eyes opened really wide, then right away, I yelled snow day, not even knowing if classes had been cancelled yet. I just knew it, my face lit up and I could feel the adrenaline going through my veins. I just knew there was going to be no school. This had snow day weather written all over it. So I ran downstairs screaming for my mom. I must have scared her, she ran to me really startled. She asked me what was wrong, I replied, snow day mom, snow day”. “Is that what all this commotion is all about”? I was like, “Mom, mom, tell me, there’s no school right”? I jumped with excitement when she replied, “NO”. 

That was all I needed to hear, it was now time to get all my friends together. I rounded up the gang and we met at my best friend’s house. I think everyone was as excited as me. I looked around and everyone was holding their sled. I noticed something really odd though, one of my friends was carrying an inflatable sled. We made eye contact and I looked at him like what is that? “You’ll see”, he replied. All of a sudden one of my friends yells, “Lets go, let’s not waste anymore time”. So we went up with our day. So much to do, so little time. 

First thing we did was go sledding, I was always the fastest. All of a sudden on my second time down the hill, I see someone just fly by me. I couldn’t even tell  who it was. This doesn’t happen to me, no one is faster than me. I get to the bottom of the hill and to my disbelief, I see my friend standing there with his inflatable sled. Right away he started yelling at me saying, “I told you, I told you. I’m faster than you know. My sled is faster than yours”. I stood speechless. We rode sleds for about another hour. Everyone wanted to try the inflatable sled. It was really fast. I was the only one that didn’t want to try it. I was really disappointed and sad about my slet. I sat on a rock for the rest of that hour. I was too upset and embarrassed to ride my sled. 

We finally left. Next we went back to my friends house and had the biggest, most amazing snow ball fight. It was so awesome. After that we went inside my friends house and played video games while we drank some hot chocolate his mom had made for us. He stayed there for a bit then left. Next we went outside and built a fort. It was the coolest thing ever. We then started a second snowball fight. This one was more intense. So intense that we totally destroyed the fort we had just built. Last thing we did before it started getting dark was play football in the snow. We all thought we were professional football players. I love playing football with my friends. It’s extra fun in the snow though, without a doubt. Sliding everywhere, everyone falling in the snow. So it finally started getting dark and it was time to start heading home. We were all very exhausted. We had a long, extremely fun day. 

So I started walking home, feeling a little soreness from our football game. My neck was also hurting because I got hit really hard with a snowball. I got home and my parents and my little sister were outside building a snowman. I was extremely tired but I stayed and helped them finish building it. I looked around and I could see all the snow angels my sister had made. We talked about our day as we finished building the snowman. Finally, we were done, what an amazing snowman we had built. I was so tired that I fell asleep as soon as I laid on my bed. What a snow day that was. God bless!

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