Himachal Pradesh Judiciary exam and syllabus

The Himachal Pradesh Judiciary exam is a Competitive Exam conducted every year by the Himachal Pradesh High Court for filling vacancies on the posts of Civil Judge Junior Division.

Himachal judiciary syllabus

  • Preliminary – (Objective) Exam
  • Main – Narrative – Written Exam
  • Viva-voce – Personal Interview

Himachal judiciary syllabus– Preliminary exam (Objective)

The preliminary examination will be an objective type examination consisting of the following three papers of 100 Marks each.

  • Civil Law- 1
  • Civil Law-2
  • Criminal Law

Each paper will be of one – hour duration, and the examination in all the three papers will be held on the same day. Himachal judiciary syllabus for preliminary exam will be the same as provided for Paper 1 and 3 for the Main examination.

Himachal judiciary syllabus- Main Exam (Narrative)

Each paper shall last for three hours. The subject and syllabus for the main (narrative) examination and marks for each paper will be as follows.

PAPER 1. Civil Law- 1 (200 Marks)

  • Code of Civil Procedure.
  • Indian Evidence Act,
  • Indian Stamp Act,
  • Himachal Pradesh Courts Act, 1976
  • Specific Relief Act.

PAPER 2. Civil Law-2 (200 Marks)

  • Indian Contract Act
  • Hindu Law
  • Indian Limitation Act
  • Transfer of Property Act
  • H.P. Urban Rent Control Act.

PAPER 3. Criminal Law (200 Marks)

  • Indian Penal Code,
  • Criminal Procedure Code,
  • Chapter – (section 138 to 143) of the Negotiable Instruments Act,
  • H.P. Excise Act – 2011 as Applicable to the State of H.P.,
  • Wild Life Protection Act and the Indian Forest Act.

PAPER 4. English Composition (150 marks, as per the break- up given below)

  • One essay, from among a choice from three Essays on General Subjects. – 100 marks
  • Translation of Hindi Passage into English:50 Marks

(The standard for the English paper will be that of graduation examination of Himachal Pradesh University).

PAPER 5. Language (Hindi): Hindi (in Devanagri Script) No books prescribed. 100 Marks

  • Translation of English passage into Hindi – 30 Marks
  • Essay in Hindi on any topic out of three – 50 Marks
  • Composition (Idioms and Corrections, etc.) -20 Marks

(The standard for the language paper will be that of the Matriculation examination of Himachal Pradesh University.)

Viva –Voce (Interview)

Candidates, who qualify the Himachal Pradesh Judicial Service Main written examination, will be required to appear at such a palace, as may be fixed by the Commission, for a viva-voce test.

The maximum marks for a viva-voce will be 150. The marks obtained in the viva-voce shall be added to the marks obtained in the Main written examination to select the candidates.

The summoning of the viva-voce test candidates conveys no assurance whatsoever that they shall be selected or recommended. The Government shall issue appointment orders to the selected candidates. This is the overall Himachal judiciary exam syllabus. You need to make sure that you cover all of them to pass the examination.

A candidate will also be required to obtain at least 45% of the marks allocated for the interview, failing which he will be deemed to have not qualified for the competitive examination.

Minimum Qualifying Marks

  • No candidate will be credited with any marks in any paper unless he obtains at least 40 percent marks in that paper, except Hindi language paper(paper-5). Candidates should get at least 33 percent marks.
  • No candidates will be considered to have qualified for the written test unless he obtains 45 percentage marks in aggregate in all papers and at least 33 percent marks in language paper, i.e., Hindi in Devanagari script.
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Author: Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

About Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

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