Effective Replanning of Your Entertainment 

As a child, everything was all fun and games. Not a worry in this world, just pure innocence and so much time and energy for learning new things. We were all open to trying new things, whether it be food, hobbies, or activities. Some of which we brought to our adulthood, and some, we wish we were still enjoying. Now that we are much older, we realize that we have so many responsibilities that we don’t even have time for ourselves. Sooner or later, we will realize that overworking our mind and bodies can lead to burn out, and the best way to battle through it is if we free ourselves from being slaves to the work force and think of ourselves once in a while. 

Spending time to learn new things or continuing hobbies is the best self care anyone can have. Not only is this good for our mental health, we also learn about ourselves in the process. If you are one to make self-growth important in your life, embracing our inner child is essential. Revisiting our love for things that we did as a kid can bring out the energy we once had and can bring out the best in us. Not only in our well being but also in everything that we do. If this sounds interesting to you, One thing you should take into consideration is Developing a self care plan.There are many aspects that will benefit you once you start making time to entertain yourself through your favorite activities or hobbies such as your workplace, physical health, psychological health, emotional health, spiritual well-being and your relationships with the people you love. Here are a few tips to take note of when you finally decide to take on this journey of self love: 

  • Keep a journal to reflect on things you want to manifest – this will help you keep track of your goals and dreams
  • Make time to think about what activities you’ve been putting off – what is it that you have been wanting to start on but could never make time for?
  • Get off your phone and observe your surroundings – looking at your surroundings will inspire you to maybe start on a new painting, or train for a sport you’ve always fantasized over.
  • Make time to engage with the people you love – with the support of those who love you, they can talk you through activities you’re scared to try. 
  • Plan – there are many websites to give courses on how to manage your time to give full attention to your hobbies such as Asian Efficiency, a site that can help you boost productivity and guide you to manage your time wisely so that you can finally start on that new video game you’ve wanted to play or a book you’ve always wanted to read.

These things will definitely help you understand yourself, develop your love for activities and hobbies, and will help you put your plan into action. After all, it should never always be just about work, adults can play too. We encourage everyone to try and implement fun into their lives. It not only helps your mental health, it creates a good relationship with yourself too!

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