Music, to some, is just but beats, lyrics, and videos, while to others, the music cuts deep; it’s their lifestyle, culture, Away of expressing what or who they believe in, and so on. Creativity comes through freedom, freedom to create, freedom to imagine, freedom to express yourself without anyone’s censorship. How far are you willing to go to gain your freedom? 

Behzad Khakbaz, better known by his stage name as Bigzzad, is an Iranian hard rock and heavy metal artist who took the most significant risk to gain his freedom of expression. In 1979, Iran banned western music since the music did not adhere to their beliefs and cultural values. In 2011, Bigzzad defied the ban, formed his band known as the Underground dream, where he was the composer and lead singer, and they went on to release their first album known as Maximum Gain through Blue pie records. 

This album’s release was a great and enough risk for him to be persecuted in his country because of their government’s heavy restrictions on western music. Still, his passion for music could not be restrained, and he continued to work as an underground musician and would, at times, skype with music directors from the United States to get the opportunity to do what he loved. The ban in his country did not allow him to grow as an artist, and he later decided to flee to Los Angeles to exercise his creative freedom and, most importantly, pursue his dreams. 

In 2017 his band composed music for an American documentary known as Beyond the Bomb produced by Michel Grey and directed by Robert Kraetsch. The documentary starred Bigzzad and was based on the band’s story of how they left Iran to pursue their dreams and find themselves in a rocky place of not returning to their country due to fear of persecution. The film received the Artistic Spirit Award in an international film festival presented to Newyork’s new and innovative movies.

Bigzzad remains passionate in what he does, and despite the challenges he has been through, he believes the risk he took to chase his dreams was all worth it. Never stop chasing your dreams. 

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