Top 10 Lightroom Presets for Mobile

In this modern, commercial world of globalisation, choice is something that we almost expect. However, too much choice leads to decision paralysis because our brains are simply not designed to deal with that much information and so we get overloaded. You might find yourself facing the same problem when looking for your top 10 lightroom mobile presets or perhaps even simply your moody Lightroom presets.

Dealing with Choice

  • Define your needs
  • Clarify your goals
  • Don’t overthink it

Today we all have to deal with choice overload and yet, decisions are possible. It’s worth noting that there’s no such thing as a bad decision. The important part is what you do with the consequences. In this case, the risk is minimal. By definition, Lightroom mobile presets provide quality outputs as defined by the Adobe app. Therefore, the only thing you are really focusing on when making your choice is what style and service you need. These purchases are one-offs and can be as low as a few dollars so you can’t lose too much when buying your first Lightroom mobile presets.

However, we’ll look at a few things you can do to help make your decision easier, as described below.

Define your needs

You’ll want to find a way to prioritise what’s important to you. This will make it easier to cope with all the different ‘best of’ lists of Lightroom mobile presets that exist. First, what are you going to use your presets for? What type of photos are you dealing with? Are they for personal use or for clients and therefore what style would be best? Listing your target audience will help you define your needs when it comes to Lightroom mobile presets.

Naturally, Lightroom mobile presets come in all shapes and sizes and are developed by various people, sites and businesses. There’s everything from freelancers, graphic designers and photographers to specialist businesses all the way to individuals sharing their free Lightroom mobile presets to get themselves known. All these different providers not only have a different style but they also offer different levels of service and price. You have to decide what works for you in terms of the right combination of price, style and service. Then again, don’t worry too much because your initial investment can be very minimal as you test the waters.

Clarify your Goals

Once you know your price, style, service combination then it’s worth thinking about the type of shots you’ll be working with. There are generalist Lightroom mobile presets and there are specialists who provide, for example, presets for action, portrait or landscape shots. You might decide that these give you the edge you’re looking for.

On the other hand, you might decide that the more generalist approach focusing on lighting, for example, gives you more flexibility. Of course you might have different batches of photos that cover all of these requirements. In that case, you can work with different Lightroom mobile presets for each collection. You can have bright and airy at one end of the scale and moody Lightroom presets at the other end. The key here is to not limit yourself especially with such affordable prices.

Don’t Overthink It when Finally Choosing Your Lightroom Mobile Presets

We all have a tendency to want to be perfect and to deliver perfection. However, at some point we have to remember that things are good enough and yet, still stand out from the crowd. Don’t be too demanding on yourself and don’t get stuck in decision paralysis. Worst case, you can always use your first Lightroom mobile presets as a trial. However, I doubt you’ll regret any that you use because essentially, they all have something to offer and all of them will make your photos look professional.

The Top 10 List

Here are the top 10 Lightroom mobile presets that jump out when cross-referencing various ‘best of’ lists:


A great preset if you want a warm and slightly retro look for your photos.

Orange & Teal

This one is great for a beautiful cinematic effect for portraits and landscapes.

New Aaron Brimhall 2018

Some of you will be working with action shots which add another level of complexity. Have a go at this preset to make your action shots come to life.

Allegra Messina

For all you bloggers out there, this group of Lightroom mobile presets gives you choice and flexibility for your portrait photos, ranging from black and white to various tone colours.

B&W Sombre

As the name suggests, this is your black and white option that allows you to work with highlights rather than shadows. It’s possible you might even create your very own moody Lightroom presets.

Grainy Matt Portrait

This is what you need if you’re after the vintage look although of course you can still make your own tweaks. These give you another opportunity for some moody Lightroom presets.

8 Classic Ports

Another set of presets that’s great for portraits and selfies and that make your photos look like they should be on a film poster.

Sun Flares

Choose this one if you’re working with outdoor photos, including weddings and travel themes.


The aim of these presets is to make your travel photos look bright and airy.

Matt Larson Volume 2

Let’s not forget those of you working with action shots where you want your photos to have tropical tones. Whether it’s cars, beaches or streets, your action is covered.

Final Thoughts

As you’d expect, the final decision is yours and yours alone. Have a goal and make a plan but don’t overthink it when it comes to choosing your Lightroom mobile presets. You can make any decision work for you and you can get a range of different presets. It’s all at your fingertips. Enjoy discovering all the options and rest at ease that whatever you choose, you will have a quality output. So don’t hold back and go for it!

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