The World’s Best Screen Writers

The World’s Best Screen Writers

We often talk about the best actors or the best directors but it seems that the behind the scenes gets left out many times. One of these behind the scenes we refer to are screenwriters, or also known as scriptwriters. These are the essential people who put ideas into writing and gives something to producers and directors to work from and realize the writings of the screenwriter.

There are often many scrips laying around waiting for someone to take a liking towards it and decide to put things into motion to that that script can be made into a movie. It is where it all starts so to speak. 

This article will take a look at some of these iconic screenwriters which brought us so many of our favourite movies.

1. Ethan Coen and Joel Coen

Ethan and Joel are also known as the Coen brother and they are nothing short of Hollywood legends. The brothers were known as superstar directors, but they are even better screenwriters, the best in our opinion.

The Coen brothers have written many scrips with the most notable ones being Fargo (1996), The Big Lebowski (1998), No Country for Old Men (2007) and The Gift (2010). Their screenwriting has also gotten them multiple Oscar nominations and two Oscar wins. They won the Oscar for the best original screenplay with Fargo and also the best-adapted screenplay with No Country for Old Men.

2. Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. Tarantino is known as an actor, producer, director and screenwriter. He has directed some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters and the biggest among them he wrote himself.

His most notable screenplays include Reservoir Dogs (1992), Pulp Fiction (1994), Kill Bill (2003) and Inglorious Bastards (2009). His screenplays got him multiple Oscar nominations and a few wins. He won best original screenplay for both Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained.

3. Woody Allen

Woody Allen is an 83-year-old screenwriter but also producer, director and actor. He has a career in Hollywood spanning almost 6 decades. Allen has a legendary career including many films directed and many screenplays written. He has won multiple Oscars including best director and best original screenplay.

Most well-known scripts written by Allen are Annie Hall (1977), Manhattan (1979) and Hannah and Her Sisters. All three of the previously mentioned screenplays won Oscars for best original screenplay. Allen has added so much to Hollywood through the entire process of starting with stories as ideas and taking them through to Oscar-winning films. There are very few people alive that are as iconic as little old Woody Allen.

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