Interview with Rising Hip Hop Sensation Sean Mac

How Did You Get Into Music?

Ive always been a big music fan, but two of my college roommates were
recreationally producing while we were at school and I took an interest and
began to work with them. I would see where/how they put certain instruments and sounds on particular notes. It was a lot of patterns and trial and error. I really enjoyed the process of creating something from scratch and putting all of my creative flare on it. I would play my beats over and over, fixing them and think of lyrics based on what was going on in my life. The timing of everything just worked out and I liked how the songs were sounding, so I decided to go public with it, with the help of my producer friends. Its been an incredible response so far.

What do You Want Other People to Take Away After Listening to Your Music?

As I mentioned above, I really strive to normalize talking about negative thoughts and mental health. I want people to feel more comfortable opening up to each other, and I have already had many fans reach out and confirm that I am achieving that. Being open and honest is a big importance for me, because without it we can’t work together and achieve bigger goals.
Another take away from my music is that you should focus on doing what makes you happy in life and what you can do to make others happy. So many people are focused on just getting money and going paycheck to paycheck. I hate to see the wasted potential of people’s passions and want my fans to feel like they can focus on them.

Do you produce your own music? If not, who do you work with?

Yes, I have been producing my own beats, but I work with a team of 3, being
myself and my two college roommates. For almost the entirety of the EP, I
produced the beats, and then they would help mix and add more details and tracks. My main engineer, Stepo, is incredibly talented and helped me do the final mix and master for every track on the EP. A producer, Manic One, from Austria helped to produce my final track on the project, “BETTER DAYS”, and it has already gotten a great response.

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