How to buy the first grade of porcelain paving slabs in the UK

The buying of any item or product for the house is a very challenging task for everyone that takes a lot of time and mostly many people in the world always remain in the confusion about what to buy and how to buy. Therefore, the story of buying any product does not only stop at the point that how to buy the products for their houses but it becomes more complex when a person goes to the market to buy without obtaining basic information. It is also determined that many buyers always have to face many problems in buying paving products and they can also pay double for a single product which is a very disturbing thing for them. But the more disturbing thing is when buyers bring the paving product in the home after buying on high prices and then he finds the product he has purchased was not required. This kind of mistake is not acceptable in buying porcelain paving because the buyer should have the technical knowledge on how much porcelain paving products are required and what size of the porcelain paving tiles is needed.

This article provides you with the most important information related to purchasing porcelain paving products in the United Kingdom. The very first step of purchasing the first grade of porcelain paving is to identify your budget and the cost of purchasing.

Identification of Budget for Porcelain Paving

The very first thing that is essential for you to learn is that you must have to identify the actual budget for purchasing the first-grade porcelain paving slabs for your house. Every slab in the world is always priced per square meter. Some most important factors are discussed in this article below which are finer are directly influential on the price of paving slabs.

  1. The first-grade porcelain paving slabs may cost 2 to 3 pounds more than natural paving stones per square because these slabs comprise extra expensive activities, as well as the high-temperature kiln, also applied on these slabs for a long time to attain the robustness.
  2. If the size of the tile is larger, then the cost on the slab per square meter will be higher. The reason for this fact is that the cost will become higher in manufacturing the larger slabs is that it has more extra activities.

These are the very basic factors that increase the price of the slabs. On the other side, it is very important to realize that every buyer should have to calculate and measure the area first before ordering the porcelain slabs to fix in his house because the quantity of these slabs may vary according to the area of the house. So, it is very important to identify the size or area of the patio and garden where the buyer wants to fix this first-grade porcelain paving slabs. The most popular color of vitrified slabs are grey porcelain paving slabs.

Measuring the area of the patio garden

The measurement of the area of the tiling is completely based on its shape. Furthermore, the shape of the area can be square or rectangular. So, in this situation, the buyer of tiles may confuse because the shape of the tiling area may differ. For example, if you have used 100 slabs in your square-shaped small patio, but it is not sure that the 100 slabs will be enough in other garden because of its shape and size. So, the best way to identify the area of the pavers is to apply a mathematical formula. You must have to multiply the length by the width to identify the area in square meters for square or rectangle areas. The formula will be applied on the patio paving. If the dimensions of the area are not properly identified because of some extra meters, then you can divide the identified number by 12 to convert it to meter. For example, the area of 10 by 10-meters garden should be 100 square meters by applying the formula.

Now, you are ready to identify the budget including the slabs quantity. When you will calculate the area of the paving, you can easily calculate the price of the slabs with the help of using a simple. When you will calculate the area of the garden patio and obtain the final number, then you can again multiply the area in square meters with the actual current price of the first-grade porcelain slabs provided by the retailer. By multiplying the price of 1 tile with a total square meter area, the total price of the slabs will be obtained. Now, you can easily compare this calculated price with your budget.

Ordering First Grade of Porcelain Paving

The method of ordering the first-grade porcelain paving slabs can be ordered from the Stone Paving Direct Ltd with a simple method in the UK. You just need select your desired colour, surface and size of the porcelain paving slabs and then contact with sale support 01908 973298 because they are wholesaler and distribution centre of the Simola Verified Pvt Ltd, who is world-grade manufacturer of porcelain slabs and tiles, all of porcelain paving slabs of Stone Paving Direct Ltd are CE mark.

You can directly place your order on their online shop or contact with them by making a phone call and sending an email. You can also bring the sample first to keep your mind. When you will check, then you can directly purchase first-grade porcelain paving slabs. You can tell paving slabs experts about your area of paving. Their team will effectively calculate the area and then tell you how many slabs are required in a particular area with proper dimensions. When you give a green signal then your order will be placed and then you can pay the price online and your order will be delivered with free charge (most postcode areas).

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