Everything to know about playing pubg

PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) was released next to Fortnite Battle Royal’s iOS release on iOS and Android release. Providing the best play PUBG on PC and console experience of this big game from smartphones’ realms to what we need. You can also play PUBG using gameloop on PC.

Fresh loot scheme and free to play

Since PUBG is free and contains a different means of earning in game benefits. You still get BP from tournaments, and you still use these points to unlock random loot boxes, except now you also get Vitality and EXP’s. Vitality improves when you perform special everyday activities, such as playing a series of matches or killing a certain number of individuals.

You receive a free loot box at varying rates. It unlocks permanent account features such as unique Avatar icons and raises the account level. EXP is earned the same way. PUBG Mobile does not have any monetization, so you cannot buy BP with actual cash, although that could change shortly as the game is available more widely worldwide.

In addition to the regular missions, the seasonal ranking system also has seven levels of experience and special cosmetic incentives for making advancements before the end of the season—two months of season duration.

You’ll find AI bots.

Kotaku and The Verge predict that PUBG Mobile will start filling in the game of 100 people with more real players as you win ranks with new players depending on their EXP rating. This means that the first trip will work. I finished fourth in my first match with a whack of eight kills, and I chalked up the game full of unknown players. As a consequence, witless AI bots could have provided me with a boost of confidence. The precise specifics of the number of bots in the game are currently unknown.

Adaptable controls

Surprisingly well, for a game as complicated as PUBG, the Touch screen controls function. You switch on the default screen with the other thumb in the right section of the screen to control the target using a virtual control stick. You shoot, aim at sights, hook, go and get the backpack on the right-hand side of the screen, using virtual buttons. You’ll be able to find almost the same behavior as the PC edition, like leaning and free-looking, until you are in a relaxed layout.

Auto pick

The mobile version auto-pick up feature, smart to gather weapons, ammo, accessories, and healing articles as you go over them, is an excellent idea that PUBG Corp can consider for each version of the game. It will receive ammunition for arms only, and the connections will be automatic.

Feedback on visuals

PUBG mobile provides you much more visual information delivered by sound in PC and console models to compensate for the fact that many players do not bring headsets. An Impact Marker in the middle of the screen shows the direction from which you were fired, something that the players are famously left to rely on the sound queues from the original version.

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