Chris Mardini Releases “Out of Pocket” (EP)

Mardini has a way with words, as aka Chris Mardini gets so much in edge-wise it’s almost hard to believe that we do not have an entire crop of this caliber of young artist, so he could light the way for many to come.  The biggest question is, are people ready for such an amazing surge of those who take all that is good about the past and update it together for what is a magical, musical experience to hear.  I guess they only come along so often and you have to wave the flag for them and let them know they are somehow special.



Only the greats of the past have done this, with the exception of some groups of the last 30 years, groups like 311 and others who take everything and mash it up and sound like no one else in the process.  But I could just be out of the loop, so either way this is worth my attention.  “I’ll Try” embodies everything about where Mardini stands as a person and an artist, and the title itself exudes ambition and a never give up attitude.  “Retrospective Outlook (REMIX)” progressively follows it up and keeps you whetted for more of the same.

It is a breath of fresh air to hear something as colossal as the power of “Sleepless” as it graces the ears with sounds perhaps never accumulated together in one song before.  Mardini gets everything he puts into something as this track proves without the least bit of fuss and bother to come up with something outside of the static norm of structures most often used in songwriting.  This needs to be a big hit and put Mardini on the major map where he belongs, but not without going down the usual road to get there, because it is a process.

The more this EP spins the more I like it, so this is no knee-jerk reaction to something with different taste values to it than I usually support, it sticks with every outing and that’s a tough thing to do with anyone who gets wind of an assortment of new music to tout.  “Pocket’s” is a song that explores more of the electronic side of things, but Mardini is essentially a soul crooner meets rapper, so these last two tracks center around those talents with the former being the more lyrical of the two.


After establishing what he feels he’s doing to himself through the searing words, it really only makes you long to hear the last track and the thought of savoring something as it plays out if the first thing that came to my mind.  But the end has to come with “Throw” being another animal to talk about altogether, with a true longing for more of the Mardini sound as takes this winning EP out with a flying colors effect that promises to be his first, but not his last release in an industry that reminds you that you are only as good as your last record.

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