Sober living is one of the greatest blessings for children who have endeavored for a long rehabilitation program process. It allows them to venture out of the new experiences of life and experience new challenges of life. Even if your child completes the rehabilitation challenge, coming out of the drug phase can still be rasping. To overcome this phase entirely and move on towards the beauty of life, sober living has been a better option.

Sober living has proven to be great when recovering from drugs for both children and adults. It allows the young generation to explore life optimistically and become independent, competent, and self-sufficient.

It boosts them to invest their minds into something productive and useful to explore themselves and attain great opportunities to polish their real talents. Sober living allows your children to get over their addictions without any exception and will enable them to manage their responsibilities constructively.

Sober living does not only allow and let them focus on their academics, but social engagements are also actively planned to sprinkle up young minds. These activities indulge outings, concerts, sporting events, get-togethers, and other fun activities.

Engaging children in these social activities freshens up the young minds and boosts them to reinforce and enjoy life to the fullest.

Sober living encourages these children to maintain a balanced schedule and sustain themselves by developing their self-determination through school and work. The sober living community makes sure that the children are comfortable and enjoying a comprehensive and flexible environment.

However, there are certain benefits and drawbacks of Child Sober Living.


  • In a child sober living home, you will be encircled by individuals who uphold your recovery and consider you responsible consistently.
  • In a sober child living home, you have to live your life according to specific rules and regulations. These rules and regulations make your child a responsible citizen.
  • One of the most evident advantages of sober child living – regardless of whether in a child’s sober living or treatment setting – is the bonds you will shape while you stay there. You will meet and live close by individuals who are likewise in recovery and offer shared conviction.
  • Living in a sober child home can also reduce your loneliness as many people surround you. Some people cut ties with many good friends due to their drug addiction. Therefore, these homes help these people in regaining that life.
  • Many children lose their life skills by getting involved in drugs. Therefore, these homes help them regain their life skills like doing exercise, doing laundry, and applying for a job.
  • Another benefit of child sober living is that it helps you regain control over your life and gain freedom.
  • Child sober living homes can help you in eliminating the relapse triggers that may cause temptation.


  • One of the entanglements of child sober living homes is their expense. You will have to pay the rent out of your pocket. However, you can try scholarships if available.
  • Another major drawback of child sober living home is that they are not regulated, and they do not provide any standardized services.
  • Not all sober living homes are fit for your children. Some child sober living homes do not provide the amenities essential for your children. Again, it will cost you more if you choose a sober living home with advanced facilities.
  • Sober living homes are not considered as rental properties. Also, the people living there are not offered a basic level of security. Furthermore, a child in a sober living home can be thrown out at any time without any prior notice. This is how it works.
  • Furthermore, not all the child’s sober living homes help your child get rid of drug addiction due to inadequate treatment facilities.


As long as your child complies with the community’s rules and conduct, it would be more comfortable for them to survive there. Moving back to real life could be difficult; staying in sober living could help motivate your child and prepare them both mentally and physically to face life.

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