What Is the Role of a Body Corporate Manager

Living communities have become an accepted trend in very many different parts of the country. Living communities refer to the clustering of homeowners and residents that live in a given area to create a collective that is referred to as a living community or strata. These strata often share specific common spaces like lobby areas in apartment buildings and recreation parks for those that live in the suburbs. The members of the strata are governed by rules and regulations set by owners’ corporations. The running of the community is ideally undertaken by an individual or company that specialises matters to do with strata. These are referred to as body corporate managers.

Body corporate managers serve a pivotal role in the strata community. Their primary purpose is to oversee the day to day operation of the strata. This can encompass any number of tasks and considerations based on the expectations that have been set forth by the owners’ corporation management as guides for the corporate manager. Other than this daily operation, a body corporate manage also:

  • Enforces the rules of the community. These are written by the owners’ corporation and encompass the vision for the area. The body corporate manger sees to it that everyone is aware of these regulations and that they are abiding by them as well.
  • Manages the strata’s finances and financial obligations. A manager will be the point person through whom the finances of the strata pass, both incoming and outgoing. Examples of incoming sources of finance include member fees paid by those living in the strata. Outgoing funds include financial obligations like costs of repairs and money paid for services rendered to the community in general. The body corporate manager must be able to manage these finances in an organised and transparent manner.
  • Acts as go-between, bridging the gap between residents and the owners’ corporation. In this case, the strata manager will communicate wants, requests and even complaints between the groups. They must have the ability to do so clearly and succinctly so that no misunderstandings arise.
  • Oversees the maintenance of the common areas within the community. In strata that are made up of dwellers in apartment buildings, the common areas typically include lobbies, walkways, staircases and garden and landscaped areas. They must all be well maintained in a timely fashion.
  • Monitors and certifies that the owners’ corporation is operating within the laws set out by federal and local governments. Body corporate managers can also be called upon to advise the owners’ corporation based on their expertise drawn from experience in the field. This could be invaluable in the influencing of decisions made that are to do with the running of the strata.
  • Is a record keeper. A strata manager is trusted with keeping safely and securely documents that are paramount in the operation of the strata. These documents may include receipts from transactions made, records of investment and financial records as a whole.

In the grand scheme of the strata, the management services provided by a competent and expert body corporate manager can make the difference between a harmonious and well-run community and one that exists in chaos and strife. It is for this reason that the role of a body corporate manager cannot be overstated or overlooked.

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