“Ebola Rex” – the latest delightfully ghoulish production by Dark Infinity and Dustin Ferguson – Is the Perfect Halloween Movie for Discerning Horror Fans

If you’re looking for scares and chills for your Halloween horror movie watch party this year then look no further, film fans! The SCS Entertainment group – always the bellwether for distinguishing fright aficionados – has unleashed the perfect scare-fest in the form of the wonderfully zonky and chilling Ebola Rex.

 Populated by a bevy of genre greats such as the legendary Mel Novak and ably supported by horror film mainstays such as Shawn C. Phillips (the “C.” stands for “Captivating”, gentle readers!) and Erik Anthony Russo, Ebola Rex is a delightful throwback to the simpler days of Forry Ackerman and our local late night Chiller Theaters in tone. To wit: This is one fun thrill ride! The long and short of the story concerns an escaped and highly infected Tyrannosaurus Rex intent on going Godzilla one or two better in the mass destruction department via an unfortunate L.A. neighborhood.

 There’s an awful lot to unpack in director Dustin Ferguson’s 72 minute ode to the mutant bug and monster movies of our youth, and all of it ranges from quite good to deftly masterful. Ferguson is a Svengali of the horror genre (or would that be “Svengoolie”?) and it is evident in every frame of Ebola Rex that he has taken the lessons of the old E.C. and Gold Key horror comics and parlayed them into a crackerjack of a fun and scary yarn (the talented director also wrote Ebola Rex). The actors of the film – Mel Novak, Shawn C. Phillips, Mike Ferguson, Ken May and John R. Walker – are in on this – pardon the pun – giant love letter to the genre and it shows in every frame of the movie. All of the tropes that we recall from such fave flicks as Tarantula and THEM are present and accounted for in Ebola Rex: The wonderfully exotic exposition that is used to explain the proceedings, the military intervention in order to call a halt to the T-Rex and its rampage; it’s all present and accounted for here along with some other neat bits that even I, jaded and disaffected pop culture junkie that I fancy myself to be, found as a pleasant surprise. Yep, that includes the addition of an honest-to-Pete bounty hunter who goes mano-a-mano with in a sequence that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

 Ebola Rex is Jurassic Park done right, with a ton of tongue-in-cheek cheesy fun and scares to keep you coming back for more. Give your 2020 fried psyche a treat and check out Dustin Ferguson’s little gem tonight and tell ‘em Vents sent you!

Ebola Rex is now available via DVD and streaming.

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