A Bingo Lingo Guide 

If you are new to any gambling games or even sports gambling, then you will be confronted by many terms that you could find confusing. This is because gambling has developed its own phrases that are specific to certain niches in the industry. Bookmakers at racecourses have virtually invented their own lingo, with terms for odds and horses that sound like code to your average punter. Then you have certain lingo that is unique to slots such as retrigger, scatter, pay lines, multipliers, Random Number Generator and Return To Player percentage. Table games also come loaded with their own phrases and language too. All of these develop over time and players can eventually pick this unique lingo up slowly. One of the games with the most unique lingo is Bingo. Admittedly, it’s the younger players that take to this the quickest and some even try inventing their own. Although the UK was a relative passenger during the creation of Bingo, as the Italians and French took the lead, when it came to bingo lingo, the UK became a leader and most bingo lingo actually originates from here – check out BarbadosBingo. It is still developing to this very day and as the Bingo clientele changes, so does the lingo. 

Bingo Online 

In 1996 everything associated with gambling went online and this included Bingo. However, unlike slots and table games, it took Bingo a while to really take off. The introduction of mobile gaming really helped its cause and made Bingo the online force that it is today. Unlike other forms of gambling, the social element is vitally important to Bingo players. At Bingo Halls this is not a problem to uphold, but when you access Bingo online, you are usually doing it from home or on the go. The solution to this has come in the form of online bingo chat rooms. In this fast moving environment, abbreviations are common and over time, chat rooms develop a language of their own. However, when it comes to Bingo Caller phrases these have been around for many years and are part of the traditions of Bingo. Some Bingo phrases have become so famous, that even those who never play Bingo have heard of them. ‘Full House’ and ‘Two Fat Ladies,’ is just a couple of examples. 

Future Prospects 

If you consider the fact that your traditional Bingo players are females aged between 45 and 55 and these players are the ones that the industry relies on the most, then any changes to the cliental and the phrases used by callers could drive the main Bingo players away. This is exactly what is happening in the modern Bingo environment. A new much younger crowd is now visiting bingo venues and these are the punters of the future. This is why the industry is catering for them with bingo venues that provide booze, music food and of course Bingo. However, the atmosphere is more like a club and some sexual innuendo has seeped into the Bingo caller vocabulary. References to Brexit and the royals Will and Kate have also been included for this younger audience.

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