Weekend Movie Recommendations: Vampire Edition

Alright folks, it’s horror movie time. It’s October, so my weekend movie recommendations are going to be horror-focused for the time being. This time, I’ve turned to Amazon Prime. I don’t have an overarching theme. Maybe the theme is “horror movies that aren’t traditional Halloween-style horror movies.” You’ll see what I mean.

Start things off with The Lighthouse, the Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson film about two lighthouse keepers stuck together in, well, a lighthouse. Oh, it’s definitely a horror movie. It’s also completely insane. The movie is disconcerting as hell. Honestly, it is going to mess with your head for the rest of the night, but I am still suggesting watching this first so you have plenty of time to get your head on straight before you go to bed. I do not recommend The Lighthouse as you are drifting off to sleep.

After that, you can ease out of the weirdness of The Lighthouse with Fright Night. Yes, this is a horror comedy. Sorry, but I can’t resist recommending these films. Plus, you need something lighter after The Lighthouse. The original is the one on Amazon Prime. That’s the one I recommend reading. It’s clever and has a few laughs, but at its core it is definitely a horror film about the vampire next door.

Finally, end things with Nosferatu. Seriously, it’s on Amazon Prime now apparently! I’m talking about the 1922 silent film that is one of the very first vampire movies. This is a big vampire night, especially when you remember that Robert Pattinson is most famous for playing a vampire. OK, so that’s the theme of the night I’ve decided. It’s an evening for vampires, in one way or another. The eerie silent movie vibes of Nosferatu is a strong way to end the night. Don’t be afraid of the silence. It’s Halloween. Embrace the journey.

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