Ranking Every Episode Of Season 10 Of ‘The Simpsons’

For the first time since I started ranking episodes of The Simpsons by the season, I had this thought: “Eh, I don’t really like that episode.” We’re past the peak of The Simpsons here in season 10. Now, that’s not to say this is a bad season of TV. There are some really good episodes. It’s just that the seams are beginning to show in season 10. Still, it’s fun to rank the seasons of The Simpsons. It’s about debating with myself, not just listing episodes of TV I love. Time to get to ranking, including the not-so-good episodes.

23. “Simpsons Bible Stories”

22. “Monty Can’t Buy Me Love”

21. “Treehouse of Horror IX”

20. “D’oh-in’ in the Wind”

19. “Lard of the Dance”

18. “Homer Simpsons in: Kidney Trouble”

17. “Sunday, Cruddy Sunday”

16. “Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken”

15. “The Old Man and the “C” Student”

14. “Make Room for Lisa”

13. “Mom and Pop Art”

12. “Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo”

11. “Viva Ned Flanders”

10. “Bart the Mother”

9. “Wizard of Evergreen Terrace”

8. “They Saved Lisa’s Brain”

7. “I’m With Cupid”

6. “Marge Simpson in: Screaming Yellow Honkers”

5. “Lisa Gets an “A””

4. “Maximum Homerdrive”

3. “When You Dish Upon a Star”

2. “Mayored to the Mob”

1. “Homer to the Max”

Man, what a silly season. That’s my main takeaway. This is a season full of silly, goofy episodes. Sometimes it works, like the top few episodes. Ron Howard is a delight in “When You Dish Upon a Star.” However, when the Loch Ness Monster gets a job at Mr. Burns’ casino in “Monty Can’t Buy Me Love,” that’s just stupid. I’m going to keep ranking episodes for a few more seasons, but this is the last definitively good season of the show. The rest rank from pretty good to not-so-good. And yet, I shall press on, like Home driving Red’s truck.

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