How to Play Soccer & Lacrosse like a Professional

How to Play Soccer & Lacrosse like a Professional

Do you want to know how to play soccer like a professional? In this article we will see 5 key tricks that will help make your soccer game better.

Understanding this, you will understand what differentiates a professional soccer player from an amateur one, in a very simple way. So, if you want your game to go to the next level, it is very important that you understand what we are going to tell you.

From our point of view (and surely from that of many players, coaches and amateurs), all or most professionals play the way we are going to show you.

It’s simple to say, but complicated to do, really, because, as you well know, on the field, the speed of things happens in a different way than what is seen from the outside.

These soccer and lacrosse tricks or tips will add quality to your game and allow you to transform your way of perceiving that it is good and that it is very good.

Still, as you know, soccer is not a grid game and every situation is different from the previous one, even if they are very similar. Some of the situations require players to have high quality equipment such as the best lacrosse cleat. We can only tell you that learning these basic concepts will allow you to be more intelligent and get that extra quality you need.

In today’s soccer and lacrosse game, being smart makes the difference between one category and another. If you want to improve your performance, it is necessary that you also train your intelligence and perception on the field.

How do you achieve this? By watching videos, analyzing games, observing your mistakes and wanting to be a better player every day. Being at a high performance level will demand you in all aspects of the game, so you have to be a technical, physical and tactical axe.

Intelligent Training

One of the advices we like to give to be professional footballer or lacrosse player, or at least, try to become one, is to try to train and form you as one, since, with the amount of base teams that there are in the world, many young players (and not so young) are in disadvantage.

Currently, we are advising lacrosse players and footballers to get individualized training for them to reach their maximum physical level. So, if you want to go to the next level and be a better footballer, you will be closer.

There are many consultancy and online training programs that you carry out together with the professionals of the sector.

Add Quality to your Game with These 5 Basic Concepts

Well. Let’s add quality to our game by understanding these 5 basic concepts, which often escape us amateur or younger players.

Minimize Parallel Passes

The first soccer tip we give you to know how to play soccer and lacrosse like a professional, is to try to minimize parallel or horizontal passes you make on the field. We don’t mean never, but in many cases, they delay the game, since you don’t advance towards the goal and it is relatively easier for an opponent to take possession.

If you are pressed hard and the ball is taken away by a horizontal pass, your opponent will surely beat your team’s lines and it will be easier for them to mount a counter.

Therefore, whenever you can, force yourself to make a pass that advances your team. Make diagonal and vertical passes whenever possible.

Distribute the Ball with Speed

The professional game moves very fast and the ball moves faster than the players, so it is smart to play as little touches as possible with your teammates.

In addition, it is usually easier for the opponents to pressure a team that plays a lot of touches and say that they are more predictable and easier to defend.

Ideally, you should play 1 or 2 touches and think fast. Does this mean you should not touch anymore? Of course not! There are times when you have to play more touches or pause.

The point is that if you use more touches than you need, it must be again to advance, face an opponent or finish the move.

Lift your Head and be Aware of your Surroundings

This is the key to the above and probably everything that will make you a good soccer player. You can have all the control of the ball in the world and be a physical beast, but if every time you have the ball at your feet, you don’t know where your teammates and rivals are, you are lost.

Before you receive any ball, think about what you are going to do with it. This will give you an advantage over your opponent, since it will make you win thousandths of a second.

Communication with your Teammates

Yes, we have a mouth and it can be used on a lacrosse or soccer field (even if many players think it is not). Communicating to your teammates what is happening on the field can help in all the plays a lot, because we will be giving you extra data that you can use in your benefit besides using your sense of sight.

Let them know about your next scoring, tell them that they are alone or that they should be careful with the player who is pressing them. Don’t be afraid and help with your words to the rest of the team.

Mix Playing Simple with Being Creative

This is related to the second point. As I told you, it is not always wrong to play a lot of touches if it is with the clear idea of advancing or beating lines.

There are areas where you have to play easy, like the defensive line or midfield, because of the accumulation of people and areas where you are allowed to play more creatively.

The final third of the field is for invention and you have to take risks when you touch the occasion. No one will be able to hold it against you by dribbling to finish a play. So, if it is not the case that dribbling is a suicide, dare and try your luck to finish the play.

And well team, this has been everything. If this article on how to play lacrosse and soccer like a professional is to your liking and has been useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends so that we can all improve our level.


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Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Andre Matthew, based in California. andrematthew209533{@}

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