Guerrilla Marketing Examples That Could Transform Your Business

Nowadays people began to form a kind of “immunity against advertising”, they stopped noticing it. In marketing, there has even appeared such a term as “banner blindness”. This is how the phenomenon is characterised when a person does not pay attention to all attempts to advertise something. The way of presenting the material (a video clip on television, a soundtrack on the radio or a banner on the Web) is no longer so important because all this is simply “not seen and not heard.” The time of traditional advertising has gone into oblivion. Today, marketers have to look for new tools to attract customers using guerrilla marketing, for example.

What is guerrilla marketing?

In a nutshell, we can say that guerrilla marketing is a way to promote a product/service that does not require large investments. That is why it is most in demand by representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. This method is based on a non-standard approach to solving marketing problems.

The term first appeared in Jay Konrad Levinson‘s book Guerrilla Marketing (1984). The author talks about inexpensive, effective and almost invisible advertising methods, which is why he calls them ” guerrilla”.

In general terms about the tasks that guerrilla marketing is designed to solve, we can say that it is designed to increase product recognition, increase sales and popularise the product among representatives of various consumer groups.

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Types of guerrilla marketing

It is quite difficult to draw the line between the types and methods of guerrilla marketing. As a rule, preference is given to the following types:


Outrageous, or provocative, marketing is usually aimed at a youth audience and is used to advertise budget products. It is implemented through the conduct of actions that have a sexual connotation, including stripping, etc.


A type of strategy when a product is promoted according to the principle of “guerrilla marketing on the Web”, that is, information is disseminated by sending it to people who have shown interest in it (as a rule, shocking video materials are used for this).

Levinson does not include viral marketing in his list, but this type of guerrilla strategy fully meets one of the main conditions – low advertising costs.

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Hidden marketing, as a kind of guerrilla marketing, implies an implicit impact on the target audience. People do not even suspect that something is being advertised to them. The most striking example of the use of hidden marketing is the popular TV series Sex and the City, in which the products of such giants as Mercedes, Apple and others were actively promoted.

Most often, in order to implement this technique, the product is placed in films or attracts reputable famous people who recommend this product.

Life placement

Life Placement is a marketing direction that involves exposure to the subconscious of a potential consumer. It is implemented by demonstrating “happy customers” (this technique is most in demand by owners of household appliances stores).

Guerrilla marketing techniques and examples

Famous people

Popular personalities – actors, athletes, show business stars – enjoy authority among fans. By making them the heroes of your ads, you significantly increase the chances of becoming memorable. Of course, they can ask for a rather big fee for their services, but often you can agree with them on mutually beneficial cooperation.

Crazy trick

“£ 500 and a game console for changing your name to Turk!” – the computer company Acclaim made such a proposal when promoting the game of the same name. Surprisingly, there were more than enough applicants (more than 3 thousand people).

Free cheese

Do not be afraid to donate something to the client or provide a free service, but do not let it get used to it! Throw in new topics of conversation with unusual gifts. Your clients will definitely tell their friends about it. Trust me, the best ad is hard to come up with. It is unlikely that such a step will entail incredible costs, and you are guaranteed customer loyalty. Moreover, they will talk about you as a successful reputable company.

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Unidentified urban object

For this, you can use anything you like. You can use unique media wall, flags or banners as well. The main thing is for the audience to pay attention to this. After that, you must work on forming the associative array or certain emotions you need.

Car performance on city streets

Before the release of the second part of the film “Kill Bill”, Quentin Tarantino drove through the streets of Los Angeles in the car of the heroine Uma Thurman. This cryptic advertising message turned out to be one of the most memorable.

Non-standard sampling

Today you will not surprise anyone with the free bags of shampoo or cigarettes distributed by promoters on the streets or at the entrance to the store. And if you approach it a little differently? Imagine walking past a cinema and hearing from the speakers on the street what is happening on the screen. Is it possible that you will have a desire to go to the movies? Quite possible.


What associations do you have when you hear the phrase “guerrilla marketing”? Advertisements inserted under car wipers, stickers in public places, business cards in cafés and restaurants, and so-called graffiti on walls and fences that have become simply irreplaceable. Yes, all that and all the examples above. Use whatever you like and transform your business in no time!

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About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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