Five most popular sports to bet on in the UK


Betting in sports has been legal in the United Kingdom since the 19th century. Nowadays, it can be done both online as well as offline. Gambling has had a massive growth for the past few years. The Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) in the United Kingdom is 14 billion pounds in the last ten years. The gamblers in the UK have a wide variety of options when it comes to sports betting. This is the reason there are various online new betting sites UK where people can place their bets. The operators offer a vast number of betting markets. This is why there is an increase in the GGY for the last few years. Some of the sports in which people can place their bets will be discussed below.


In the United Kingdom, football is the supreme for sports, which is believable as the English Premier League is considered the best leagues across the world. The UK’s betters now have a variety of options when it comes to either online betting or betting the old-fashioned way. They can bet on anything such as teams, goal scorer, corner kicks, etc. They can also bet anytime they want, like during specific leagues, finals, or every match. Online operators even provide various offers to make these betting more attractive. There is a considerable fanbase for football; therefore, the number of betters is increasing day-by-day not only in the UK but also worldwide.


Tennis is said to be the second most popular sport in the United Kingdom. Although horse racing would have been in second place, it has to settle for the third position. Tennis tournaments take place the whole year, which allows the gamblers to place their bets on several matches. The punters can place their bets on their favorite players, winning team, next moves, etc. some of the major tennis tournaments occur in the UK, such as Gland Slam, The Australian Open, and The US Open. Betting in tennis has the benefit of in-play betting, allowing the punters to place their bets during the match. The punters can also place their bets online with a variety of options in the betting market.

Horse racing

Horse racing is also considered to be a popular sport to bet on. There is never a shortage of betting options. Like football, in horse racing also the bookmakers offer various promo offers that entice the betters. The gamblers can also bet online with various betting options in the market. They can bet on horse, winners, money back offers, etc. There are many big horse races people can bet on. In the UK, many famous horse races take place. Grand National, Glorious Goodwood, and Royal Ascot are considered as the major horse racing festivals. The UK also hosts various horse races in which people worldwide come and places their bets.


Golf is another sport which is becoming popular day-by-day. Mainly because of the possibilities to place online bets. People can bet on the winner, winning margin, hole-in-one, etc. Mainly punters place their bets on The PGA Tour and The European Tour. Also, four other significant tours are played every year. People can place their bets on some other lower-ranked tours and also on the women’s game. From football to golf, we can see a wide variety of offers on sports betting in the UK.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey comes on this list of sports that has always been popular among people. In the UK, people seem to indulge themselves in betting in this sport, too, mainly because of the sport’s unpredictability. Yes, even though this sport is highly unpredictable, people place their bets on their favorite teams and players for the same reason. There are four options to choose from while betting, i.e., Point spread, Moneyline, Parlays, and First Period. 


We know football, tennis, and horse racing are the most popular sports when betting in the UK. There are various other sports people can bet on, such as darts, rugby, basketball, etc. Punters usually place bets on their favorite sport, but that does not mean other sport doesn’t count. The other sports such as rugby, cricket, darts, etc. follow these sports on the betting market. United Kingdom operators offer various promotional offers to the gamblers in the betting market to keep it going and keep it interesting. Not only the regular punters place their bets, but the casual people place their bets too.

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