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Everything you need to know to be a good Bartender

The bartender is the essential and irreplaceable element in every cocktail bar, it is not a profession that can be improvised, in addition to knowing distillates, liquors, elaboration and mixtures, he must have psychology and empathy, hear, see and shut up. Know the tastes of the clients and make them feel the protagonists. The secret of being a good bartender lies in the ability to serve and serve customers. Elegance cannot be underestimated, the look of it and its bartender tools will convey the quality of the cocktail. It must in itself embody image and degree of prestige. In the first place, the tastes of the clients must be respected, not to give them to drink in excess, it is also necessary to have adequate tools such as a good cocktail set, to provide the best service, this will also help you feel safe with your work. We can mention some qualities that a bartender must have, which will make him stand out in his profession. Let’s start talking about his personality, which must be polite, responsible and discreet, he must have a good cleanliness of him and his bar equipment, he must have a good memory, a good knowledge of beers, spirits, wines, cocktails and his local area; It must be fast and efficient, your cocktails must have your personal touch.

How to use your cocktail shaker

When you mix and shake a shaker, you mix the reality of a day to day, you fuse elegance, a few drops of fiction and cocktails come out like those of the most sophisticated bartenders in the world, because when it comes to preparing a good cocktail, everything adds up – especially if you have a good cocktail bartender. The shaker is the sacred chalice, the large glass that will house distillates, liqueurs, creams, eggs, and sums, which, caressed and cooled with ice, will become offerings served for us. There are two basic types of shaker, the first is of three bodies, with a built-in strainer, the second is of two bodies made up of two glasses, the metal contracts due to the effect of the cold, and is hermetically closed, before using the shaker. , the interior must be cleaned, and thus eliminate the metallic taste. To do this, a jet of gin, lemon juice, and salt is sprinkled; shake for 3 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water. The function of the shaker is to beat and mix all the ingredients very well, with your left hand you have to cover the first and second shaker bodies, while with the right, you do the same with the first and third shakers; and covering the cap with your thumb. The movement of the arms should be vigorous and rhythmic up and down and front to back. The rest of the body must be relaxed and without movement, do not disjoint.

Best shaker brands

There is a wide variety of bartender tools, the selection of the brand and model will depend on your tastes and needs, clearly it will also depend on your budget. Saying which is the best is difficult and it does not depend on me but on you, however I can mention some brands such as: Vinenco, Halovie, Oryx, Skymore, etc.

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