5 Top Careers to Pursue in the Fashion Industry

If fashion talks are not boring to you, you will give anything to have an Alexander Mcqueen coat or the soft touch of chiffon on your skin. If that is the case, then probably you have some love for fashion and should consider taking up a course in this field. Of course, this may come with some resistance, especially from parents, since most people believe that nothing much can come out of the fashion world and that it’s not for high achieving students.

It is not the case because there are many professions in the fashion world that one can pursue. So, if you thought that being in the fashion business only limits you to become a designer, then you have to understand that there are many lucrative careers that one can pursue with a fashion degree. Here are some of them:

Publishing Fashion Journals and Journalism

Fashion journalism has to be the most exciting career in the fashion world. It is because you will meet many wonderful designers and tell stories about some amazing designs. When you decide to be a journalist in the fashion world, you can create a blog, join broadcasting, come up with content, and edit magazines and articles on fashion.

Therefore, if you are interested in this area, then you should sharpen your writing and communication skills. The writing field is also competitive, and thus you have to keep your best foot forward if you want to land lucrative writing and journalism jobs in the industry.

Marketing and Public Relations

Clothing trends change quickly. Today you might be having a denim trend, and it gets replaced by vintage tomorrow. However, a brand’s longevity on the market is determined by the marketing and the PR of the company.

There is a lot of competition in the fashion industry, and it is why even the greatest fashion hubs require strong marketing and PR teams to make sure their products do well. Therefore, if you love fashion, but you are not an exotic designer, you can decide to do something that will keep you close to what you like.

When marketing a help of Cheap-essaywriting.com , your analysis of what customers want determines your success. Similarly, in the fashion industry, your scrutiny of different trends and clothing designs is essential. It can be done by comparing products to determine what the consumers like. Therefore, you need to sharpen your skills as a fashion marketer. The areas to work on include communication, paying attention to detail, knowledge of what consumers love, and their habits.

Fashion Technology

The fashion industry has not been left out when it comes to technological advancements. It is among the sectors that have exhibited the fastest growing innovations. You will have to deal with transformations related to technology. They include interfaces that test designs virtually, advanced processes that determine what customers want, and developments determining how clothes feel on our bodies. Such innovations provide good career options, especially for those who are enthusiastic about technology.

Therefore, if you are more inclined towards fashion technology such as 3D printing or even bringing back machines that are worn out back to functionality, then you should focus your strength on the technical aspect of fashion. Technicians are highly sought after by most design industries. Hence, to strengthen your potential in this sector, you should have knowledge of various newly launched technological concepts, be keen on the little details, and enroll for various internships to build your skills.


You can own a retail shop for selling the latest designs. It means you will be outsourcing brands that will interest your client base and retailing them at a slightly higher price. Furthermore, you can be a merchandiser, which entails giving a client the exact price of what they want and ensuring the requested products are present in the suggested stores. To hack this type of business, you have to be in the know of the latest trend and where they can be sourced from at reasonable prices.

Take-Home Remarks

The versatility of the fashion industry allows one to pursue any career related to the sector. Every professional plays a key role in ensuring the designs produced to satisfy the consumers. Therefore, students need to identify what they are passionate about and go for it. You can be a fashion journalist, a tech expert, a marketer or PR specialist, or a retailer, to name a few. You can increase your employment chances by starting up a fashion blog, joining a writing club in college, and enrolling for journalism internships.

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