10 Must-have kitchen trends for 2021

As 2020 comes to an end, we cast an eye on the upcoming kitchen design trends every homeowner should be emulating in the heart of their home. 2019 saw the rise of trends such as mix-and-match finishes, combing modern and rustic styles and high-contrast marble.

Not only is the kitchen the often the most used room in most houses, but any stylistic upgrades will surely add a substantial amount to the overall resale value of the property.

So now you are probably wondering how to choose the best kitchen design trends for 2021. Which fashion trend to choose and the colours to give preference in your kitchen? All these subjects and other frequently asked questions regarding modern kitchen designs for 2021 are discussed in this article as we’ve asked Cardiff based kitchen design and fitting company CharlesJames Developments to talk us through their top 10 kitchen design trends for 2021.

1. Black kitchen design 

In recent years, the most fashionable colour in the kitchen was the exquisite white colour. This was due to the fact it works well with various other colour shades. However, for 2021 the future of the kitchen will be an aristocratic and elegant black colour. The black colour appeals to bold, outgoing, and luxurious individuals. 

Black can be used as an independent element of the room’s arrangement, or as a section of the overall interior. When your interior is decorated in black, and proper lighting is installed, the room as a whole will look brighter.

2. Clever compact functionality

Compact kitchens are especially encouraged where the space available is limited. In a small space, it is crucial to carefully consider each and every aspect of your kitchen and utilize it effectively. Creating a cabinetry bank along one side of the wall is a clever way of streamlining and opening up your kitchen space. Tall wall units are advisable in narrow galley-style kitchens.

3. Boiling hot water on demand

If there is one thing that will be featured in almost every household kitchen in 2021, it will be boiling hot water taps. These taps will without doubt be the one of the most sought-after items in the future as their sales trajectory has been consistently rising since 2019. As we’ve seen from this year’s events, more and more people are working from home, hence the demand for instant coffee and tea in between zoom calls will surely increase.

4. Industrial style (loft) kitchen style

This kitchen style has few interior décors. It is quite simple and all you need to have are its basic elements that form its hallmark. They often involve:

 • Exposed concrete or brick walls

 • Plank floor ceiling

 • Rough furniture made from wood or metal

 • Metals

You can utilise bright colours in the interior to accentuate a wood decorated kitchen, with a grey-white colour palette.

5. Dark surfaces

The trend for dark surfaces emerged recently because of the two-tone kitchen style. The dark worktops and countertops can be blended with brightly coloured furniture to create an atmosphere of relaxation and sophistication.

We frequently assume that dark kitchen surfaces need lightening up with light countertops, or vice versa, but what is expected to be a hallmark of many contemporary kitchens in 2021 is a double-dark design that looks dramatically stylish.

6. Downdraft extractors

As extractor fans become a common sight in kitchens for safety cooking reasons, it’s no surprise their outward appearance is getting an upgrade. Most people are making the shift to downdraft extractors since they are known to eliminate odours and vapours directly from their source, hence preventing them from escaping into shared seating areas.

The design is particularly suitable in an open plan kitchen since a head height extraction system would become a head-height visual barrier and interfere with the open plan ambiance.

7. The modern kitchen living room.

The kitchen design for 2021 will continue to follow the fashionable combination of the kitchen with the living room. This design is suitable for apartments with small spaces. You can use some dark colours in the living area and gradually change to brighter colours in the kitchen unit.

8. Simplified structured kitchens.

The trend for streamlined kitchens will hit a new record high in 2021. Like the classic saying goes, ‘less is more’, and this cannot be more relevant than in a kitchen layout. Simplified kitchen designs create a calm environment and with clean sweeping lines. It is clutter-free, and all things are easily spotted and accessible. This design entails choosing good quality materials and hiding storage to ensure the smooth look is visible.

9. Smart storage.

In the never-ending war to declutter our homes, storage is key. Since kitchens are often the home to a wide array of cooking utensils, cutlery, etc. well-organized and concealed storage becomes essential. For larger homes, a sleek butler’s pantry is the ideal solution.

10. Statement taps.

A kitchen isn’t complete without taps. Therefore, it’s only fair to let them shine! Always go for some brass and industrial looking taps with special features. Additionally, you must always find ways to make sure they look streamlined. Although they are mostly ignored, attracted taps, hinges, or doorknobs transforms your kitchen overall outlook.

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