Sandeep Kumar Mishra: the bestselling poet and writer and the most influential personality loved by all

Their deeds do not recognize great people; instead, they are recognized by their sincerity, truthfulness, and devotion to their aims. They work without any regrets, and they don’t get depressed from hardships and failures. Instead, they work harder and harder until they reach their destination and shine like the stars. Such a thing is right for Sandeep Kumar Mishra, the Amazon bestselling writer, and poet. He is a role model for many people.

The autobiography style of poetry plunges into current times, remorse, despair, and suicidal feelings. This accomplishment is due to honesty, trueness, and natural writing. They are primarily poetic expressions of personal feelings and circumstances in which the poet has been put. The poems cover the most significant subjects in ordinary contemporary human life, especially in adolescence.

Who is Sandeep Kumar Mishra?  

Sandeep was born and raised in India and taught English literature, political science, and art at Kishlaya Outsider Art Academy. He learned Hindi and English literature at school and university. He confessed he was impressed by the poets he knew, including Kabir, Kalidas, Magh, Mira Bai, GM Hopkins, Tennyson, Keats, and Shakespeare. He wrote a poem now and then, but he never did anything to encourage it or give it somewhere. He had written a few verses in a school magazine, but it is quite so. He began writing poetry and took writing more seriously only when he got a postgraduate student.

Family background: his father and sister were poets. He used to play and read poetry without any knowledge of importance in his father’s library. His father was a trainer and classicist. It means he came from a literary family. He used to read a book in his childhood as it was his hobby. His father used to read books aloud for him. During this time, he used to ask too many questions and listen to stories of fantastic authors. Such a literary background polished his skills in poetry and writing.

In one of his interviews, development in the writing skills said that only people who are introverted or powerless in their condition write about poetry. It’sIt’s impossible to tell somebody else, so they write their emotions in words. It is because of its unusual honesty in theme and writing style that people enjoy their novels. Sandeep Kumar Mishra wrote what he was compelled by his mind and circumstance and what he witnessed in his life. His inner spirit induced him to write, so he wrote and painted.

Books of Sandeep Kumar Mishra: Sandeep is a good poet and author now. He has published a series of poetry such as Pearls ” (2002)” and a technical book about “how to be (2016)”. He has also been a reporter in numerous leading magazines and blogs, such as The Good Men Project, The Great British Politics, San Antonio Review, Indian Poetry Review, and the London Literary Review. “One Heart- Many Breaks” was his recent work. This book also depicted the excellent skills of Sandeep Kumar Mishra as a writer and a poet.

Most impressive is that it has no broad publisher plus no ads on social media and no follow-up to writer followers. Everyone enjoys it. Another rare thing is that it has not had a single critical comment on any website to date, whether it is Good Reads, Amazon, Library, Youtube, or any other blog.

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