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INTERVIEW: Harm Franklin

  1. Welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Good!  It’s been rough because I got locked out of my IG account but shoutout to my management at SKAM Artist  for getting me back in!!

  1. Can you talk to us more about your hit single “Stunnin’”? 

It was really a surprise how big it got haha.  We had no idea it would be a monster like this, but it’s truly been a blessing. I feel like now I can create freely and not be so pressured cus I can see things are finally happening for me.

  1. What was it like to work with Curtis Waters and how did that relationship develop?

Well me and Curtis have been making music for like 5 years together; we’re like brothers.  He actually first started recording songs and being more than a producer when we linked up, so the fact that our first big look is together, it makes this whole moment that much more special. What is interesting,  we actually didn’t work in person for this one.  I was in Vancouver working on music and I told Decz (co-producer of Stunnin’) to send me some popstar music and he was like “I got this one song with an open verse that Curtis is on that he doesn’t like, you can check out?”  and sure enough that would be the song to change all of our lives.

  1. Did you expect such a massive response from this single in such a short time?

Honestly, no!  When I made it,  I was like “Wow this is a hit!!!”  But, I didn’t think it would actually be on Billboard with over 100 million views. We could tell we were on to something though. When Curtis dropped the snippet on his IG,  we had never seen a response like that..  I always knew we had something special and would do it big but it still is a surprise and a shock when your dreams actually start becoming reality after struggling and taking losses for so long.

  1. Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I always let the beat inspire me.  The beat took me to like the 1980s thinking of my uncles and stuff grooving in like a lime green suit in a disco club haha.  Curtis already had the concept on it so it was easy for me to just come through and put the cherry on top.

  1. You describe your sound as Drake mixed with Lil Uz Vert.  Can you elaborate  and what role does Calgary play in your music?

Well I’m born and raised in Canada even though my parents are immigrants so it greatly impacts  me.  Even from my mood, new releases and now winter is coming up, so with the changing of season, so do my feelings. That’s why it’s about to be R&B time from me.

  1. You just released your single Bad Guy on Oct 16th,  tell us about the song 

It’s my favourite song I’ve made and it was inspired by being in a dysfunctional relationship where someone has past traumas that are unresolved and no matter what, they always make you the bad guy in any situation or conflict.  Eventually you actually become that thing, and love can really turn you into something you don’t want to be so this is a reflection of that.  This song has all of me in it; the wittiness, the hard stuff, and the emotional aspect, so I’m really proud of it and how I actually freestyled the first minute of it then we built it off of that.

  1. The video is dropping  on Oct  23rd, which was produced by HOUNDS and co-produced by Curtis Waters, what was the overall concept for this?

Well I shot the restaurant scenes while I was on tour in Poland and it’s inspired by the “You need people like me” scene from Scarface because the chorus is a flip on that phrase so I figured it would be fitting to pay homage. 

  1. Can your fans expect an album in the near future?

Yeah me and HOUNDS have an amazing album almost finished.  He comes from a big-room trap background making really hard industrial, huge sounding music, and I’m more like cute dinky melodies and sweet sounds so he really pushed me to try a lot of new things, including in Bad Guy I do this new voice we call “Cartoon Frank”.  His beats are so hard it made me comfortable talking about certain stories and situations I’ve been through,  so I’m excited to share that side of me along with some of the best music I’ve ever made

  1. You wrote a verse on Merkules’ 2018 album “COLE” which charted at #1 on Canadian iTunes with the song “Michael Jordan” charting at #19 on Billboard Hot 100; with the major reception your music has been getting, does that put any pressure on you when putting out new material or rather the opposite?

No, it doesn’t put pressure on me.  It’s more so just wind in my sails.  It’s validation that I’m not just a crazy guy who thinks he’s great and is just a struggling local rapper. It proves everyone’s wrong and shows that I am really what I thought I was this whole time…. and that maybe I don’t suck like I think I do sometimes haha

  1. Who are some of your musical inspirations/mentors?

I’d say from an early age as a kid I started rapping because  of like 50 Cent. But as I got older I’d say my biggest is Kanye West.  His music as I grew up really inspired me; he made it cool to be different and creative.  Overall now I’d say Future, because people like that who really push the envelope with their flows and melodies inspire me to try new weird thing like “Cartoon Frank”

  1. What else is happening next in Harm Franklin’s world?

After Bad Guy I’m dropping my first R&B record with Ye Ali called “Teacher” that is for sure the sexiest song I’ve made.  I’m not a one dimensional person so it wouldn’t make sense for me to be a one dimensional artist so it’s time to show that.

To keep up with Harm Franklin, follow him on Instagram  @HarmFranklin and all streaming platforms @Spotfiy, SoundCloud, and Apple Music

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