In 2020, Gamers Have Never Had it so Good

Gaming has been around since the late 1970s, but it wasn’t until the 1980s and 1990s that gamers began playing their favorite titles at home. Throughout the history of the industry, there have been several pivotal moments, such as the release of the Nintendo Game Boy and the Sony PlayStation, the invention of the internet, and the advent of the smartphone.

For the most part, gaming has got better and better over time, with publishers releasing bigger and more intricate titles each year. The landscape of the video gaming industry has never been as good as it is today, and here’s why.

New Consoles

We’re about to have a new generation of consoles released by both Sony and Microsoft. This new hardware will be a gigantic step up compared to previous products, with faster processing power and major improvements to graphics like the introduction of ray tracing.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will allow developers to create fantastic games in the years to come.

Regular Updates

While some gamers eschew microtransactions, this monetization method allows publishers to generate income from their titles for years after they’re published.

In exchange for the regular payments from players, games get new updates regularly. This includes new content like maps, weapons, and missions that extend the life of the game.

For example, Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer portion of GTA V is seven years old but is still offering fresh challenges and new experiences to players thanks to updates like the Los Santos Summer Special that introduced open-wheel races and The Diamond Casino & Resort that added casino gaming and a new heist challenge.


Casino games are some of the oldest ones out there, but now they’re going through a renaissance.

Online casinos have made it much easier for players in many countries to enjoy these types of games, though for a long time Americans were excluded from this luxury. Today though, players in several states can play and wager on card games, slots, and more through their computer or smartphone.

There are currently 13 states that allow online wagering in some form, but NJ gambling sites outnumber just about every other state.

Even if you’re not in one of these gaming-friendly states, the good news is that several more are expected to legalize casino play in the coming months and years.

Gaming on the Go

The Nintendo Game Boy was the first device to bring a true console experience to the handheld format. Since then, the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable have each built on this.

However, smartphones and tablets have completely changed the portable gaming experience. Instead of a dedicated piece of hardware, it’s now possible to play near console-quality titles on the go using the tiny computer you carry in your pocket.

Portable consoles carried a stigma, with social pressures preventing many from using them in public. With smartphones, this is different since everyone already owns one, and more people are getting into gaming.


Esports have become much more popular over the last five years, with almost 500 million people watching them in 2020. These are competitions where the most elite video game players battle it out to see who is better, just like in traditional sports.

Competitive video gaming is helping to bring the medium into the mainstream, changing the public perception from it just being a hobby to an industry that requires high skill. Esports are also bringing gamers together to create a sense of community that is stronger than ever. It’s high time for players from all over to jump on the bandwagon and reach gaming glory, especially since new competitive titles are released every month.

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