How to Wear Fake Lashes Everyday

We have all heard about false lashes and how “in” they are. They are, undoubtedly, a modern glam many women and girls wear –sometimes daily- for a boost of confidence. 

We can wear false lashes every day, at any kind of event. Despite their small size, false lashes accent our eyes and make us feel, and consequently seem more beautiful. There are 3 different kinds of lashes: Strip, Individual Flare, and Individual Single Lashes. When it comes to the daily use of false lashes though, we can only wear strip and individual flare lashes, because they are temporary. On the contrary, Individual Single Lashes are more like lash extensions with a permanent result.

Let’s go through some tips regarding wearing false lashes and talk about how to wear strip/ individual flare lashes on a daily basis. 

Step 1: Think of what style of lashes you want to use on a daily basis

Take your time to explore all kinds and sizes of lashes. Take into account all the various events you are planning to wear the lashes at. Do you want them to be more subtle or have a lot of volume? The market has surely got you covered!

Step 2: Select the lash kind that is best for you and your needs.

It is really significant to find the most appropriate everyday lashes for you and your health. Take into consideration how sensitive your eyes and the skin around them are. For instance, many people face sensitivity problems with lash adhesive. In this case, you should attempt using latex-free adhesives. In addition, it is very important to use certified brands that you can trust.

Also, don’t forget about feeling comfortable with them. Especially when used on a daily basis, false lashes can be quite uncomfortable, let alone the fact that glue might come off or, in case you’re wearing individuals, some of them might fall off because they haven’t been applied properly. Thus, always take into consideration what kind of lashes feels more convenient for you. Another issue that might occur when wearing false lashes every day is how easily you can apply and take them off. Nobody wants to spend 20 minutes taking off individual lashes right after having come back from a party after midnight!

Step 3: Take good care of your lashes

Firstly, you need to be aware of the material of the lashes you’re using. Synthetic lashes can last from 5-10 uses when lashes made from hair can last up to 30 uses.

Secondly, you must clean the lashes and your eyelids very thoroughly when taking the lashes off. A Q-tip is very useful for cleaning the lashes. Apply on them some coconut oil or make-up remover and clean the lashes with them. Also, you can apply on your lash line some Vaseline, lash serum, or moisturizer on the lash area. Make sure to remove all the glue, in case you are wearing glued strip lashes, and don’t forget to smoothly clean your lash area, in order not to damage it.

Fake lashes, Modern accessories!

Although wearing false lashes is a new trend, it is already evident how women view them. False lashes are now considered a daily “accessory” to take with you. They are a detail on your appearance that can make your day. Who knew everyday life could become better with some fake lashes? Even if you have never tried them before, you should give them a try!


I hope when reading this, you have gained valuable information regarding the daily use of false lashes. Grab your own pair, wear it, and start your day with a smile!

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