How to Find a Good Sex Shop or Adult Store in Houston?

Houston is known for its remarkable space exploration spots and is also the international energy industry’s capital. But, are there reliable sex shops in Houston? As odd, this question is, it is worth looking into, especially if you are in the process of exploring your kinks and sexuality.

If you are looking for a well-curated list, check out this list of the best sex shops in Houston on Maxiwand. From there, you can shortlist the ones best suited for you and visit them.

In case you are around Houston and have been looking for some good adult stores there, keep these factors in mind while finding one.

Tips While Finding the Best Adult Store in Houston

In case you are looking for some good sex stores in Houston, there are a few factors that you need to keep an account of. We have mentioned them down below.

Search for it Online

When you look up for the best sex shops in Houston, the search engine presents you with thousands of results. But, what you don’t realize is the authenticity of the shop and its products.

In case you are confused about which one to look for, shortlist them based on the location. You want to prioritize the ones closest to you first. It lets you ask people around and get their opinions and reviews on the products and services.

Online lists are always categorized based on the popularity of the store, so it isn’t surprising that the ones you see are the best-rated shops in Houston.

If you don’t live in Houston, you can also find list of sex shops on sites like Wixi, Blogify, Ozfinder or on various sex blogs for women like Clitical, or blogs for men like The Rackup. If you live in Canada or in the UK, we recommend checking out the lists on and

Ask Your Friend

If you have a friend or even a relative who is active in their sex life and open about their adventures in bed, ask them for referrals. Since they are not shy about this topic, they are likely to know a few sex stores around town.

Getting their opinion on a few shops around you can help you better shortlist the ones you have in mind. You can also ask them about the quality of the products and the recommendations they would suggest you with.

Visit Multiple Stores

You can’t find the best one unless you have visited multiple ones. The same goes for the sex shops around Houston too. If you are visiting the one closest to your house just because its the “feasible” one won’t give you an idea of whether it’s the best one in town.

When you are visiting more than 2-3 stores, it helps you identify the shortcomings and compare them to find the one that works the best for you.

Always have a top 3 when you are initially planning a visit. Once you visit 3 stores, you can jot down the pros and cons and see which one is the best one for your interests.


Let’s be real; sex shops aren’t always on the front of the street with a highlighted board. For the most part, they are hidden away inside the lanes. But, somehow, these smaller and local businesses are the ones worth looking into. Ensure you touch and feel the products and pick the toys that you know would work the best for you. Stay safe and keep exploring!

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