What are the features of most popular cat breeds of the world?

Siamese kittens for sale is an opportunity to bring home the cat that makes a great pet. And this beautiful pet expects love, affection and a friendly chat with its owner.These cats have rich colours but all kittens are born completely white.

Features of Siamese cats

While kittens are born white, they develop their natural colours with time. Commonly these cats have seal, chocolate, blue and lilac colours. But they are recognized more with their striking blue eyes on a sleek and elegant body with long legs and an immaculate glossy coat. Also, these felines have their coats darker at the end points like on face, ears, tail and paws. And for this reason, they are also called “pointed”.

Kittens of Siamese felines take almost a year to develop their full features but points start developing as early at three weeks. They are energetic and playful. Also, you will find them highly intelligent and curious about their surroundings. They are loyal, loving and affectionate. And they enjoy conversating with humans. It is these features that inspire people to look for Siamese kittens for sale.

More about Siamese cats

People have little hassle in interacting with these vocal kittens that are highly intelligent and often found rummaging through drawers and cupboards out of curiosity. They love being with human population and people like their curious behaviour. Also, they have a good tolerance for kids and Siamese cats can even develop warm relationships with pet dogs.

So, Siamese pets are more like family members. They are intelligent enough to interact with human population and they know how to make friends with kids. If you want to buy a cat that is both beautiful and intelligent then you should look no further than a Siamese feline.

These felines look for companionship hence can’t be left alone at home for long durations. Also, they shouldn’t be left to roam in outdoors and whenever they are in the outdoor, they have to be under the watchful eyes of their masters. Having a Siamese cat at home is a great idea to add a family member from the animal world.

But Siamese isn’t the only option, if you want to buy a top cat breeds, as you can even consider bringing home a Persian feline. The Persian variety of cats is popular since 1600s when they were introduced to Europe by the Middle East traders. And these beautiful cats soon caught the attention of Europeans and became their favourite pet.

An introduction to Persian cat

Round head with large, round eyes on a short but thick body with short neck and heavily boned legs. Also, the tail and ears are small according to the size. This description perfectly matches the physical features of Persian cats. But in profile pictures, these felines look flat faced with almost flat nose.

Just like Europeans, Indians also look for Persian cats for sale to keep them as pets. They are revered for their glamorous look, luxurious feel and calm demeanour. They aren’t of the type that keep running from one corner to another. On the contrary, Persian felines prefer to remain relaxed for others to admire their beauty.

Personality of Persian cats

Persian is a placid breed but sometimes they exhibit bursts of kitten. Sometimes it will stretch out next to you to sleep or sit on your lap to get pampered. This breed doesn’t mind changing its routine but it remains friendly with everyone.

At Persian cats for sale, you will get two types of breeds – Doll Face or traditional Persian and Extreme Face or Peked Face. The first type of breed is recognized with a longer muzzle nose and the second breed features a pushed in nose. And you can choose any of the breed for your family.

Siamese vs Persian

Comparing the best breeds of cats is a difficult job because it is a matter of personal choice. Both the feline animals have great looks and they both give luxurious feel. Whichever breed you choose, it will be a new member of your family.

I’ve a Persian cat shop near me but I am planning bringing home a Siamese breed because they are energetic and playful. I’ve compared both the breeds and selected Siamese but a friend of mine has a very beautiful Persian cat.

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