The sensation of Lo-Fi

Have you heard anything about people who are addicted to music? Or, you may be one of them. These people listen to music every time and everywhere. Doing so requires a certain type of music which won’t be an obstructive factor while working, studying, or doing other everyday routine activities. But being addicted means that you want to have a soundtrack of your life just like your favorite TV characters have. If you are among these people, looking for quiet, yet beautiful music with a calming effect, then you’re in luck.

Nowadays many people recognize the term Lo-Fi and even if you don’t you have probably seen somewhere on the internet 24-hour long streams with pleasing anime visuals, accompanied by lowercase titles. Lo-fi music streams attract millions of listeners on YouTube. Usually, it’s something that accidentally pops up in your YouTube recommendations and has specific titles like “Happy songs for lonely people”, “chill bits to quarantine to” or “2 AM study sessions”. There are so many tracks today that you will definitely find something suitable for you that makes you relaxed, helps you work, or study in a calm atmosphere. Or maybe this soothing rhythm even gives you time to think about issues of your life.

What exactly is lo-fi music?

Lo-Fi is an internet-born music genre that has conquered the younger population nowadays thanks to streams of this amazing free music on YouTube and many other platforms. NOw you may think that it’s a newly established genre, but in fact, it traces back to the 1950s. The term “Lo-Fi” means “low-fidelity”, meaning that you can hear imperfections that are considered as errors or distortions in the recording process. Usually, it should be undesirable but lo-fi uses these eros and makes them an aesthetic genre of music.

This genre is known for its simplicity to make people focus and that’s exactly one of its main selling points. The popularity of Lo-Fi is no surprise in today’s world, as the use of social media has made many people depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. Lo-Fi helps everyone relax while listening and this was the main purpose of its creator. A Japanese hip-hop producer, Nujabes is recognized as the creator of the lo-fi genre who was killed in a car accident in Tokyo. Although the creator died, the genre remained, developed, and conquered the world of music.

Lo-Fi vibes

It’s proven scientifically that lo-fi psychologically affects people that listen to it. Often, lo-fi music is made at home, even in the artist’s bedroom, making it the only type of music which is listened to in the same environment in which it was created. Even though the sounds are not natural and they’re created by instruments, it has a very calming nature. It is generally agreed that most calming sounds are natural sounds like rain, birds singing, or wind blowing through trees. But lo-fi is an artificial sound that can sometimes be even more calming than these natural sounds. But also, people often listen to this genre alongside natural voices like the sound of resin or sea which doubles the relaxing effect.

Listening to lo-fi is proven to raise the productivity of the workers as it helps them think more creatively and reduce job-related stress. For example, Marcus Lopez from the Casino Crunch website says that they conducted a little experiment. They offered one of their partner casinos to have a perpetual Lo-Fi song stream on the casino and see how it affected their customers. The consequences were exciting. Particularly, as a result of this track losses during that were cut nearly in half.

Sure it’s not a perfect business model for a casino to make money, but it was an amazing way to implement responsible gambling guidelines. By providing a chill environment for the players, very few of them had a psychological moment called “the win-back obsession”. This is when the person starts focusing on getting back what he/she lost more than making more in the process. But for these players, nothing like this was experienced in the lo-fi music environment. The company decided to develop this idea and started offering its customers various lo-fi tracks.

Of course, online casinos are not the only place where lo-fi can bring positive vibes. There are special lo-fi playlists for products which are sometimes used in the offices in the process of working. While it may be suitable for all types of jobs, it’s effective for writers. Lo-fi helps you release your full creative potential and write something inspirational. Its calming vibes play a huge role in this process and boost fantasy, which is why it’s considered as a way to increase the productivity of your workers. Creative consultants, content writers, bloggers, or copywriters often use this technique, and from the results, lo-fi certainly helps writers hammer out their thoughts and create something valuable.

How does lo-fi work?

Although lo-fi music is made of errors in the recording process, while listening, these errors become an intentional part of the experience. People from around the world let lo-fi Livestream play for hours because the sensation of lo-fi is incredible. They feel a sense of freedom. According to Discover Magazine, Toni Blackman, a musician, teacher, and artist from the US states that the listening lo-fi genre makes her feel like she has found her home. And she’s not the only one who feels this way.

Experts say the lo-fi tunes usually remind us of something familiar which makes the sense of belonging. Besides, the listeners actually enjoy listening to beautiful, aesthetic sounds and it’s not just a method of relaxation. But another great benefit of lo-fi is the sense of control which might explain why some music therapists are fond of this genre. They use lo-fi to help their clients adapt to stressful environments. For example, psychologist Michael Viega uses lo-fi in his therapy sessions. He records ambient sounds, remixes them, and adds a beat. The new music helps his patients better articulate their feelings and gain control of their surroundings.

So, after all, as pandemic causes a lot of stress, uncertainty, and anxiety, you can try listening to lo-fi music, if you haven’t already and relax, have a sense of control and belonging and release emotions.

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