Scott Celani Band Releases New Single

“For What It’s Worth” has never been so vital as it is for the times, and Scott Celani proves why on his new version with a video that takes it to its maximum potential because of the content in it.  The Buffalo NY-based artist should gain major attention over this, because he practically reinvents the song and increases its already high standard status.  This cover is what I am quite sure Stephen Stills would be proud of and it would not surprise me if he hears it, as Scott Celani deserves feedback from the source I think would be impressed.


The headphones went on for this and I gave it a couple of spins and then found out about the video and watched that a couple of times and what I heard and saw only started to really sink in at that point and the rest is history, it is worth many return spins and the video is too.  But at the end of the day the audio is always what counts the most and this really hits home.  I was already a fan of “For What It’s Worth” but this takes it to another galaxy and brings it back clean.

The track is almost like a complete reworking, almost as if it is a new song with some old words, so to speak, but the words are louder as they reach out and grab you like never-before.  This version is not what you would expect anyone to do, yet it manages to work out as good as it possibly can get.  The reasons for that are written all over the rather re-arranged music and the way the words are sung completely different without butchering the classic but instead enhancing it with a magnificently updated and revitalized version of his own doing.

Having never heard any of Celani’s previous music at first I was really wondering how this was going to sound, but the second it started playing I knew it was going to be vastly different and that is always a welcomed thing with me for covers.  I like it when they take something and make it their own and remind you just how good the original is and the best part is you get something as good and sometimes even better.  Which track turns out better is for anyone to decide, but it should be judged on its own merits.


The force of such a track to reckon with is never easy to live down when a cover comes to mind, but this is another story because the effort put forth by Celani to offer something new about something old that that is coming back even stronger today is remarkable.  I was not glad to relive the scenes in the video, but most anyone paying attention has seen a segment or two of it at the very least and discretion is advised as the video starts to play, but it is a civic reminder of the present political climate as much as it was back in the day.

by Bethany Page

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