Fortnite Events You Might’ve Missed

There’s always a lot going on in Fortnite. Whether it’s patch updates that add new games modes or full-blown collaborations with famous artists, Epic Games manages to spice things up and keep the ball rolling despite Fortnite being in the gaming scene for a few years now. Granted Call of Duty: Warzone just recently overtook Fortnite as the most popular free-to-play game according to a Piper Sandler survey, it’s still one of the most played games today. If you’re not playing other Battle Royale games such as Warzone, Apex Legends, or even other types of games that don’t belong to the genre, you know that you’ve played Fortnite at least once in your life.

It’s probably time to dust off that Epic Games account as there’s a lot that you missed since your last login session. Since its debut, Fortnite has had a lot of events done that poured in tons of articles and news related to it. There’s no definite date yet on whether or not these events will be done again, but one can dream, right? Besides the new Fortnite trackers that were launched, we’ll be taking you down the memory lane of Fortnite’s achievements and events if you’re keen on knowing which events you might’ve missed.

  1. Fortnite x Travis Scott Astronomical Concert

If you’ve been busy busting your butt in improving your Fortnite stats in a Fortnite tracker, then you might’ve missed out on Travis Scott’s Astronomical Concert. Which is a shame really, because this concert event was truly out of this world! The Verge even called the concert surreal and spectacular. This event really pushed the limits of Epic Games’ engine and when compared to the previous event which was Marshmello’s concert, without a doubt the Travis Scott Astronomical Concert blew it out of the water with its sheer awesomeness. With a giant version of Travis Scott stomping around the stage while rapping one of his hit songs, “Sicko Mode”, the visuals and audio were just right. The set lasted for about 15 minutes. While it was short, Fortnite made players experience something that’s exclusive to their own virtual space. The best part about this event was that it was a tour. Instead of just investing in a one-time gig, you could head on over to specific locations at a certain date and relive the concert once more. This is great for players that missed out on the set previously as they had a second chance to participate.

  1. BTS Jumps Into the Party Royale

K-pop music is one of the most popular music types in the world. There are millions of fans across the world for specific K-pop bands. The scene and culture of it all can be summed up using one word: gigantic. Merch of girl and boy groups sell like hot cakes, you can pick which member is your “bias” or in other words, favorite, and don’t even get us started about the news of how some fans attacked these groups whenever they arrive in an airport for a concert. BTS, one of the most popular K-pop groups, is probably the last thing you’d expect to pop up in Fortnite. This mini concert was held just recently on September 25. This event is to premier their newest single, “Dynamite”. But that’s not all, they also added in their very own music video for the single—complete with choreography and using Fortnite’s in-game engine that we know and all! If you missed out on the premier or just want a souvenir to remember the event, there are two new emotes choreographed by the BTS members that you can purchase in the Item Shop.


There’s no telling what artist collaboration is next when it comes to Fortnite. It’s amazing how this game can source these Fortnite trackers, high-profile bands and singers, and we’re excited to find out what’s in store for the later updates.

What do you think of the concerts that were held in Fortnite? Have you participated in one before? Tell us all about in the comments below!

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