Why You NEED to Buy a Hammitt Handbag

I have a true (some would say crazy) appreciation for handbags and have almost always had a closet full of them. During my time in grad school, I was also working full time and trying to maintain a social life, I found myself always trying to switch between the few bags I had at the time to make sure it both matched and carried what I needed it to. I hate carrying multiple bags, and It was so difficult also trying to find one with the functionality I needed! Eventually it was easier to just use a simple, minimalist bag; dump the contents, grab the new stuff and go. It was absolute chaos! These days, getting my bag ready is a true delight! The day I found Hammitt handbags, I had no idea how I never looked for specific function rather than style before, and now I’ve found one with it all!

Small Business

The past few years I’ve been trying to minimize my carbon footprint and make more conscientious purchases. In doing so I have grown to love small business and the experience and service they provide over their corporate counterparts. 

Hammitt Handbags began in 2008 right in Hermosa Beach, California (I love American made products) and since then has taken off as a company. Despite their quick rise in popularity, they continue to cherish and uphold the values from the first day they began with in-house charcuterie parties amongst friends. Something I’ve noticed from small business, they tend to truly care for their customers and create beautiful functional products, rather than simply mass-producing the latest trend. 

Stand-out Craftmanship

When I find something that I love I tend to obsess over it. I am as obsessed with Hammitt’s craftmanship as much as they are!

  • Finest Quality – Hammitt has searched around the world to get the finest materials, leathers, and hardware to create their masterpieces!
  • Made with Love – From the first handbag Stephenie Hammitt designed, each one has been crafted with love. Hammitt has continued to source their materials from other small businesses, many from their local favorites. 
  • You First – Hammitt listens to consumer “muses” because they care – and want to make products that will be adored for generations. They begin creating their new designs by solving a problem, and then creating a beautiful, colorful solution.

Customer Service

Consumerism isn’t always perfect. Sometimes things get lost in the mail, the wrong products get shipped, or you decide you don’t like what you ordered when you see it in person or take it home. After a few nightmare experiences, I always look into the customer service ratings of companies to know return and shipping policies, common issues, and if the purchase is going to be worth it. With Hammitt, I have confidence my products will last forever, and I’ll always have a bag (or five) that I absolutely love. 

·        Lifetime Promise – crafted with care from start to eternity, Hammitt handbags are designed to be cherished for lifetimes. 

·        Shipping and ReturnsIf a repair is needed, they’ll handle it free of charge! Shipping included – forever!! Return shipping (not that you ever would) is also covered!

  • Rewards – you can earn points with every purchase to save money and score sweet deals while on your way to becoming a VIP!

What are you Waiting For?

Hammitt handbags are designed with literally you in mind! Having a bag that is unique, made with love, and reallyserves its purpose has made my life so much easier! Each bag I buy saves me money on the next one, gets me closer to VIP exclusive discounts, products, and mystery gift! There really is no better bag!

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