Why Cable Companies Should Worry About 5G Mobile Broadband?

For the past few years, cable has been at the heart of the telecom market, acting as a core technology in the distribution of high-speed internet. But in many U.S. states, we still don’t see widespread access to superfast broadband. Even though ISPs have invested years of effort and huge amounts of money in this dream, we still come across areas where people can’t get high-speed internet. Some cable providers go the extra mile and do try to deliver both wired and wireless internet service to their customers. Spectrum has an advanced network of hotposts around the nation, which its customers can tap into at will and stay connected thereby. But, the overall internet-scape in the U.S. is dismal, to say the least. Not for long, though. With 5G wireless broadband technology, the future looks brighter than before. With 5G, you can get high-speed internet with no need for a wired connection at all.

5G Wireless Broadband Services are Coming

5G broadband is an existential threat to the cable industry as time has changed and 5G broadband is up for the competition, but executives and investors are not worried yet. They know that they will soon be facing this threat, but right now they are not worried about it. We have been talking about the demise of cable for a long time now and the threats are always there for the cable companies, but cable continues to hang on. What I believe here is that cable companies don’t know what is coming and how badly that can affect their market as people don’t take time to switch to something better which is less costly and easy to keep. They should get prepared for any threat or they might face the same situation which NOKIA is facing right now.

What is the New 5G Wireless Broadband and What Should We Expect from it?

5G is more than just fast wireless service. It has the potential to change our lifestyles and create a great impact on the way we conduct our daily activities. In the coming years, 5G wireless will open new doors and opportunities and create a completely different experience for all the users who are crazy about good speed. 5G wireless will open new paths for growth. It will let the whole family watch and listen to data-consuming applications like music, gaming, movies, and live TV seamlessly. It will allow you to take your communication and entertainment experiences on the road. You will be able to watch your favorite shows and movies anywhere. Even if you are outside your house and you don’t want to miss your favorite show, you can watch it anywhere with a 5G wireless network anytime. Those who play games, they will be able to do their gaming anywhere with the high-speed mobile internet with no lag and less ping.

Why You Should Not Get 5G Broadband Service Yet?

5G broadband services are now available in many states and are accessible to hundreds of Americans but there are many reasons why you should not go for them right now. 5G surely provides a next-level signal strength and more accuracy, but 5G phones and data plans are still quite pricey in the whole market. With continued development, it is quite possible that a 5G phone acquired at this point might not be able to meet the network requirements of the future. It does not matter which 5G carrier you are using, you are still going to find certain spots where you will be facing issues regarding 5G and it will eventually drop to LTE. While most people are satisfied with the LTE service, it would be futile to have LTE with 5G capabilities. For many people, cable services are still more than enough and they are happy with what they are getting as cable has coverage in almost all the states. Many providers in the U.S. provide high-speed internet and that too comes with one or two-year promotional prices. 

What Should Cable Companies Do?
Cable companies should make a strategy on how to deal with these threats. They should work on it rather than taking it as a joke. Time has changed and people are looking for better and new options which give them ease. Some companies see the changing trend and they have started working on it already, by committing to deliver 5G home internet to its customers with speeds up to 10 Gigabits per second. The cable industry has already gone through massive changes in the past few years. They should work on these emergent threats as well and should provide people what they need with less cost and better service quality.

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